How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back; Your ex is hot and cold with you and you want to know "does my ex still love me?". Sometimes they tell you that they miss you and drop hints that they may still hold a torch for you, other times they seem so disinterested in you that you couldn’t grab their attention if you plunked yourself right in their line of sight. What is up with them?

Better moves you can take to get your ex boyfriend interested in getting back together with you at the last paragraph (Author's Bio), of this article, meanwhile let's build the foundation.

After a break up we all go through a myriad of conflicting and difficult emotions. Sometimes we are up and down, sometimes we hate our exes, the next minute we are desperate to see them and hold them again. This is completely normal behavior and something that we should expect from our ex as well as ourselves. They aren’t going to get over you overnight, even if they were the one that broke up with you.

They are probably confused and as a consequence are giving off very confused signals. You can take this is a good sign because if you did not affect them anymore they would be distant and unaffected by you. The fact that you still stir up emotions in them is a sure sign that they are NOT over you. Take a look through the signs below and see if your ex is showing you that their feelings have not dissipated after the break up.

Sign 1 – Your Ex Still Contacts You

When an ex is ready to move on with their life, they will usually leave their ex behind – sounds very cruel, but that their needs are their first priority, not yours now that the relationship is over. So if your ex is still keeping in touch with you after the breakup it can only mean one thing – they aren’t comfortable with leaving you behind just yet. They are still interested in what is going on in your life and want to keep tabs on you in some way. Watch out for prying questions into your private life, if they are afraid of you moving on they will be trying to find out if there is anyone else that you have your eye on.

Sign 2 - Your Ex Gets Emotional

This doesn't necessarily mean that you find your ex wailing into their pillow or following you around with big sad puppy eyes. It is usually a lot more subtle than this. When your ex still has feelings for you they will get emotional in different ways. Guys are much more likely to get angry or defensive and girls can be bitchy or desperate. They will pretend that everything is fine and sometimes lash out at you in a way that you don't understand.

If they are acting as though they hate you, it isn't necessarily the case. The fact is that you still have some sort of affect on your ex and this is why they are angry, aggressive, rude or defensive. Think about this for a moment, if your ex had moved on and wasn't interested in you anymore, anything that you did or said would not bother them. They would be cool and collected and not show any emotional clues.

Sign 3 - Your Ex Tries To Gauge Your Feelings

One sure way of knowing whether an ex still has feelings for you is to watch out for them asking you if you are dating again or if you are interested in anyone. They will not always be this obvious though. They could be interested in knowing what you are up to in your free time, where you went at the weekend or they could just try to ascertain whether you are moving on yourself. They are basically trying to work out where they stand because they are interested in getting back together with you or they still like you.

If your ex had truly moved on they would not even try to find out what you are up to - it wouldn't even matter to them. Sometimes your ex could just be attempting to be friendly and keep in touch with you. Use your own intuition here though, if they are repeatedly taking an interest in your life post break up, there is a strong chance that they miss being part of your life.

Your Next Steps

There are so many more signs that show if your ex still likes you, these are only three of them. To really know where you stand with your ex, it would be a good idea to spit as many of the signs your ex loves you as you can.

After that, you will have to put a plan in motion to get your ex back. Understanding how to contact your ex after the break up is a huge part of this. If you use the right approach then you will be able to create desire and intrigue again. This is vital if you want your ex to make moves in your direction again! Visit blog links at the Author’s Bio for truly important tips for an ex boyfriend and get him falling in love with you over again.

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