How To Get My Husband To Notice Me Sexually: How To Get Your Husband In The Mood

On top of many factors the contribute to a successful marriage, sexual intimacy is one of them. A marriage without passion usually ends up feeling like you are living with a room mate. Many couples today are having a difficult time connecting with their partners in a passionate and physical way. A sexless marriage makes you and your spouse more susceptible to various negative emotions like bitterness, resentment, and anger. These feelings also makes you more susceptible to affairs in your marriage.

If your not happy about the lack of sex in your relationship, then check out the following reasons why your marriage is lacking sexual intimacy that you so badly crave. If you can find out what the real issues are (and that's assuming you don't know) then you can work on find the solution for your problems.

For men, there are many reasons why they've lost interest or desire for their wife. These are the following reasons why men are no longer interested in sex:

- Sex has become boring just as your relationship has turned mundane and complacent
-The passion has fizzled
-No longer feeling attractive to his spouse
-He has an erectile dysfunction
-Has a low sex drive do to hormone changes or stress levels
-He is finding gratification elsewhere

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Many women's reason for lack of sex may be a little different. Women are emotion based and if they're not in the mood to get physically intimate, it's usually due to how they are feeling. Here are some examples of why a woman may not be in the mood to get intimate.

-Sex isn't as satisfying for her as it is with her husband.
-The romance and passion is gone in the relationship
-The husband let himself go and the wife no longer find her husband attractive
-The wife is angry at her husband
-The wife is depressed
-The wife has a difficulty in reaching orgasm

How to Increase the Passion in Your Marriage

The first thing that you can do is open up the lines of communication with your spouse. When you are not talking about this issue, it can feel like there is a large elephant in the room. When you ignore this problem, it can make the two of you grow further apart over time.

Sex can be a powerful way to connect with your spouse and especially for men. There could be numerous of reasons why your spouse isn't feeling it. The most important thing is being able to comfortable address this issue. Ignoring this issue will only neglect your own needs, and you know what happens when your needs are neglected. Resentment builds up and resentment can actually slowly kill a marriage.

Secondly, when you and your spouse talk about this delicate topic, you don't want to bruise their ego. Use "I" statements. "I" statements will feel less like of an attack and help you get your message across without instigating a fight. When you guys talk, talk about what you guys can do to increase more passion in your marriage.

Are you guys spending enough time to cultivate your love and passion? Sometimes because of work and stress, sexual intimacy significantly decreases. Being able to talk about your lack of intimacy openly will help you and your spouse figure out the next step.

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Ok, so marriage isn't quite the fairy tale you had imagined. It takes some work to make it a good marriage. Even WITH work, are you still faced with problems you don't know how to handle? You CAN make your marriage work, even if you have these 3 common problems.

1. Money

Of course, money seems to be the most serious complaint of married couples these days. How could it not be? If both spouses don't work, it's hard to make ends meet. If both DO work, it's harder to take care of the children like you wanted to.

Your marriage can survive even the worst of monetary problems. Money is just a thing. What your marriage is is different. It is pure love. Love will never come and go, like money will.

You will have problems in your marriage. Everyone does, at one point or another. But you will come through those problems, and your marriage will become stronger.

2. Sex

Sex is an important part of marriage. It is part of the physical bond that keeps couples together. If, for some reason or another, you or your spouse cannot have sex, don't worry. Sex isn't as strong as intimacy.

Intimacy is physical touch. Humans cannot live without physical touch of some kind. Just like emotional contact, we would go crazy without physical contact.

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You don't have to have sex to be intimate with each other. You can simply hold hands, or sit by each other with your legs or arms touching.

You can give your spouse a hug, or put your hand on theirs, or their arm.

This physical touch tell your spouse that you do love them, even without saying it to them.

3. Arguing

We all do it, some worse than others. Married couples don't have to agree about everything. Actually, they really can't.

Think about it - if you and your spouse agreed on everything, how fun would it be? it may be fun to think about, but in reality it wouldn't be. Every one of us is different. Unique.
That's what makes marriage so special. Two different people coming together to live as one. both of you bringing something different into each other's life.

Your marriage is special. It is unique to you and your spouse alone. No two marriages are the same. What you and your spouse think is perfect, another couple could be wondering how the two of you even live together, and vice-versa.

Even with the problems that arise, you can make your marriage work.

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Marriage is an institution ordained by God for the enjoyment of man. It is meant to be an institution where couples find fulfillment and satisfaction, but one wonders why it is not so in today's context of marriage. The rate of divorce is on the increase and many people blame the reason for their divorce to non-fulfillment. In this article, you will see 3 deadly mistakes to avoid in your marriage if you desire to be fulfilled in it.

1. Never accuse your spouse
Lots of people make the mistake of accusing their spouses when things go wrong, I am not saying that things will not go wrong, but the way and manner you will approach your spouse on issues will tell on their perception. Men have been found guilty of this offense more often. It should be understood that you cannot get the best from your spouse by accusing them. Rather, device a polite means of communicating issues of this magnitude with your spouse. Remember also that your spouse cannot offend you intentionally, hence you should always discuss with them rather than accusing them. Accusing your spouse is one mistake you should avoid in your marriage

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2. Never compare your partner with another
Do not try to give your partner the impression that someone out there is better than them. Believe me, this has a devastating psychological on your partner and has the tendency of bringing inferiority complex and suspicion. The best way out of a situation as this is to find a way to build your partner to measure up like the person out there who has impressed you. For instance, may be you met a lady somewhere and you happen to like the way she made her hair, the best you can do is to help your woman to make that kind of hair.

3. Do not cheat on your spouse
This last point of deadly mistakes to avoid in your marriage is very important and should be taken very seriously. Do not cheat on your spouse for whatever reason you may have. I started this article by saying that God ordained marriage and for this reason he created every man and woman to find pleasure in their spouses. If you feel you are not getting enough pleasure from your partner, feel free to discuss the issue and proffer a way out between you two

3 deadly mistakes to avoid in your marriage are meant to help you build a marriage that will last forever.

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What men want in a woman is someone who knows how to ask for the best things in life. I don't have any official statistics on this matter but dare I say it, most women do already know what they want. Heck, my wife showed me pictures of our dream house online when we were still dating ("it's got to have a balcony and a long driveway..."). It might sound crazy, but us guys actually dig that sort of mentality in women. Some women think that they're being too unrealistic for their men, but in actual fact, we need this sort of woman in a marriage to get anywhere in life. Here's why.

1. The Reason For Marriage

There are over 2 billion women that one man could choose to get married to. 2 billion. So the reason as to why a man would choose to get married to one woman over those 2 billion plus women must be pretty convincing.

Women have to make men feel good about themselves. By telling us what you want, it makes us want to be better providers for you. We want to feel as if we can give you your dream house, car, life, whatever.

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2. No Point In Life

Women who have a "whatever goes" sort of mentality are hard to cater for. Even harder than women who want more out of life. What can you give to a girl who thinks that anything goes is OK?

It wouldn't be hard to woo her. It wouldn't take much effort to get her happy. Believe it or not, us guys want to struggle. We want to be put through hell. We want to improve ourselves and only true men know that that takes time and effort.

3. Diamonds

Women who want the best attract men who want the best. Although this is a gross generalization, it's pretty safe to say that most men are ambitious who want the best for themselves too. We want to be on top and to have all the authority and power.

Diamonds are some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world. If women get them, they feel special. If men get them for women, the envy of his wife's friends and the shame of their husbands would make him feel more special than his wife does for owning the diamonds.

What men want in a woman is someone who has an eye for the best. It gives us more motivation to improve ourselves and to go further than ever before.

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