VPS stands for virtual private server which is an upgraded form of shared hosting where website is hosted by main physical server to multiple virtual server it is best site For receiving moderate to large amount of traffic it gives the control power with minimum cost $7.99. Many websites need custom variable configurations and extra memory with Core processors to manage the load and requirements by the server. VPS offers the functionality and power similar to dedicated server with a comparatively very low price. VPS works with different other functions where different operating flavors are available to choose from Linux and windows for about 9 different OS. A maximum of 16 GEO-IP can be allotted to any of the VPS with some backup facility. Moreover, you can have some options to easily manage your VPS from some of industry known panels like cPanel and plesk giving you ease to access the VPS. If you are not at all technical, you can simply go a managed VPS plan with starts from $40/mo.
Every server in their resources gets performing independent operation with its own operating system and hardware resources.


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