No matter what form your beading may take, purchasing your supplies wholesale can save you a lot of money. Many online suppliers deal in offering wholesale beading supplies at very reasonable prices, especially if you buy in bulk.

Search the Internet- There are thousands of bead stores online, most of which will sell beads at wholesale prices. Compare prices on different sights to find the best one to deal with. They will all offer special incentives or sale prices, but watch out for hidden costs buried in shipping and handling charges. is one of the places that a lot of people use to get good deals online.

Decide what you want to purchase- Most suppliers that offer wholesale pricing will also have a minimum order limit. This amount can be anything from $75 to $200 dollars. Be prepared. If all you need is 1 hank of beads of a certain color, you might be better off going to your local bead store and applying for a discount there.

Explore specialty shops- There are online stores and catalogs that deal with just one type of bead or crystal. Since they are specializing in just this type, so here the purchasing of wholesale beading supplies seems to be possible. If possible, call the customer service number; many times there are specials and discounts not advertised on the websites or catalogs that you might qualify for. Take advantage of them. The same holds true for Bead shows. There are many of these shows all across the U.S. Before buying anything, shop around and compare prices between vendors. Discounts abound at these shows and you can easily purchase an entire year's supply of beads at very little cost.

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