How To Grow Your Dick: How To Make Your Dick Grow

If you have been wondering if there is possibility for you to make your penis bigger, here is a dossier with numerous options you can use. Irrespective of the size of your penis, you can have it increased in girth and length too without having to take the risky pills or have operation done on it.

The common methods that promises to offer you fast solutions such as pills at low costs, may have a lot of weaknesses. Pills and some complex technology like surgery of penis are associated with the West and are not among the safest ways since they can result in detrimental side effects. You should understand some of the methods are only in the market to make their advertisers or manufacturers money and not necessarily to provide cure. You are advised to stay far away from these gimmicks.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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However, there are some safe ways you can use to increase the girth and length of your penis. Most of these methods have been in use in many parts of the world especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They have all been proved to have effectiveness in giving people the desired size of penis. Nonetheless, you should choose the kind of exercise to adapt to wisely as there are some that are more primitive and can result into injuries to your organ. An example of these kind of natural exercise is tying weights e.g. hanging a stone on your penis to have it stretched to increase in size.

A safe method of exercising your penis is the Jelqing exercise. This method only requires some patience and you will get results in a short spun of time. The method involves lubricating your semi erect penis and then massaging it from the base to the tip with your hand. Hold in the middle of the index and thumb made like an `O'. Do it about 15 minutes on daily basis to get the best results. Do this exercise for about 3-5 times per week and you will be amazed with your new organ in a few short weeks.

Don't bother be too scared of trying these penis enlargement exercises. Exercises have been proven to work since ancient days. Actually from the early Egyptian days. Just be sure that you are following a proven program so that you will achieve the best results possible and in the fastest time possible.

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When it comes to penis enlargement exercises, there are 2 incredibly important steps that you need to do: warm up your manhood and use the right lubricant. If you have no idea how to do a penile warm up or which lubrication would be the most helpful during this time to begin with, though, then you have come to the right place.

The warm up is very important for penis enlargement exercises and has to be done prior to every penile exercise session. To start things off, simply soak a soft towel into some hot water and wring out any excess water on it. Then, test out the towel on your stomach before placing it onto your manhood to ensure that you have a comfortable temperature to work with.

Once you have a comfortable temperature, wrap the towel around your whole penile shaft, either in its flaccid or erect state, while making sure that the tip of your penis is wrapped up, as well. This will trap all of the heat in as needed. Keep the towel there for around 5 minutes before removing it and drying off your manhood thoroughly with a dry towel. Make sure you dry your manhood properly to ensure that you have a good grip for your exercises later on.

Warming up the penis before doing penis enlargement exercises is vital because it will draw blood into the penis and increase the flow of blood in it, in general. The moist heat can also soften the skin and make it more pliant, so you have a better group while doing your penis enlargement exercises afterwards.

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After you take off your towel after the warm up, your penis might look a bit pink in color. Don't worry, though. This happens because of the increased blood flow brought about by the towel's heat. If you have higher tolerance to heat or have dark skin, in general, then your penis might not look different at all. Either way, just make sure that you keep the hot towel on your penile shaft for around 5 minutes before taking it off.

Another important part of penis enlargement exercises would be the lubrication that you use. Fortunately, there are a lot of lubricants that you can use for your exercises. You just have to make sure that you choose one that is long lasting and can be reapplied as needed.

Water-based lubricants are quite popular when it comes to this because they are easy to revive with a bit of water. You just have to make sure that you have a glass of water next to you as you do your exercises. You can also mix your own lubricant by adding essential oils if you want, though.

Some of the most common lubricants in today's market are water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants include KY liquid, KY jelly, udder cream and Astroglide. Oil-based lubricants, on the other hand, include baby oil, vitamin E oil, Vaseline, cocoa butter, tiger balm, emu oil, albolene, vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil and bag balm.

Some of the best lubricants for penis enlargement exercises include baby oil that has either vitamin E or aloe vera added into it. Albolene is quite good, too, and is easy to find at cosmetic sections of drug stores all around the world. Women can use Albolene to remove their makeup, too, and men and women alike can use it as sexual lubrication, as well. While Albolene has been used in the industry of pornography for years now, though, this product should not be used with condoms during sexual intercourse.

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If you are currently looking into penis enlargement exercises, then you should know how important it is to have the right lubricant to make your exercises easier for you to do in the long run. While it might be true that any quality lubricant can do the job in providing lubrication during penis enlargement exercises, there are certain ones that are simply better than others.

On the flip side, there are also those that should never be used during penis enlargement exercises, such as soap, shampoo and other household products. While completely safe in other scenarios, these products should never be used as lubricants because they can lead to skin irritation, cause injuries and potentially slow down your overall penile growth rate.

It would be important to choose the best lubricant for you when you do your penis enlargement exercises because they will make your exercises more effective, give you quicker results and potentially increase your overall penile growth rate.

Recent studies show that there are various ways in which popular lubricants for penis enlargement exercises can be ranked in order to find out which one would suit the man in question best. To find out which lubricant would be best for you, rank the ones you are currently eyeing based on the following factors:


One of the first things that men tend to consider when looking for lubricants is the price. As such, it would be vital to check out the prices of the products that you are eyeing and then ensure that you won't be paying too much or getting too little lubrication out of the deal in the end.

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Good lubricants should help speed up your gains after doing penis enlargement exercises. If you can find a lubricant with reviews that prove that its customers have gained an average of 22% more than with other brands or one that brought about faster gains, then you can be sure it is a good product. It would also help if a little bit of the lubrication already goes a long way without the need for constant re-application. After all, re-application won't just slow down your exercises, in general, but your penile growth, as well.


Naturally, the quality of your lubricant of choice has to be as high as possible, too. It has to have great packaging and, of course, great lubrication. Low quality lubricants usually require a lot of application. Either that, or they are extremely hard to get rid of after exercising.

Shipping Speed

If you have already started your penis enlargement journey, then it would be best to get your hands onto some lubrication as soon as possible. If you cannot get your hands on it today, then you should at least aim to get your hands on it within the next couple of days. This is why shipping speed is of the utmost importance if you decide to look for lubricants online. Your lubricant of choice should arrive quickly and come in discreet packaging, so as not to scare anyone off unnecessarily.

Overall, you should look for a top quality lubricant that has a competitive price and a generous quantity without being sticky or difficult to wash off at the same time. It shouldn't be too light, either, though, since you don't want its lubricating traits to wear off while you are exercising your manhood. Also, try to find a product that comes with fast gains and ends with highly efficient workouts. If you can, find some time to do proper research on the World Wide Web and look for the ones that most men recommend for penis enlargement, too. You won't regret it!

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Want to make some improvements to your penis size? There is no need for you check yourself into a medical institution to get your male organ surgically enlarged. You can easily achieve a decent amount of increase in your manhood size by making use of these 3 very simple techniques from home - starting even from today!

1) Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

You can easily purchase a bottle of male enhancement pills either from a health store or even on the Internet. These pills are made mainly of natural herbs which are known to help with the growth of the male organ. Just a pill or two in the morning for the course of a few months will give your penis a permanent increase of a few inches in size.

However, you should take care in choosing the right supplement product in the market. Some ingredients, as natural as they are, may still cause some side effects especially if you have an existing health condition.

2) Penile Extender Tools

If you are worried about risking your health through taking enhancement pills, you could make use of some tools to physically enlarge your manhood. One device, called the extender tool, works extremely well to naturally cause your penis to grow bigger - in usual cases, you get to experience more than an inch of increment within a few weeks of use!

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Of course, the superb effectiveness of the penile extender tool does come with a price. These tools can cost you between $300 to $500 each. But if you don't mind paying for it, then the extender tool is a great product to help you increase your penis size.

3) Penis Enlargement Exercises

In my personal opinion, doing penis enlargement exercises is the best way to help you get a bigger sized manhood without all the money and health risk involved. You just have to spend a little bit of time doing a number of specific exercise routines on your male organ using your own hands.

The exercising technique helps to gradually increase the amount of blood which your male organ stores inside its blood chambers. By having more blood inside, the erectile tissues in your penis expands even further, over time creating a few additional inches to your penis size.

It may take a bit of effort to do the exercises, but compared to the other 2 techniques, is a whole lot safer and cheaper to do - and most definitely, it works!

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