The job outlook for a paralegal secretary is expected to grow until 2020 for at least 18 percent so it is a field that attracts those who have interest to learn about laws, court proceedings and work with lawyers. As a paralegal secretary, you will format correspondences, do legal research, organize files and prepare documents. To qualify for a position, one must have a Paralegal Secretary Diploma.

Some companies offer entry level positions that usually require little or no experience because training will be provided on the job. However, if you have already acquired a diploma, you would already have intensive training and would have learned legal terminology, court documentation and processes and use of appropriate software so you are ready to perform a paralegal secretary’s duties. After finishing a course, you are ready to apply in law firms, various government agencies and corporations with legal department. While studying for a Paralegal Secretary Course, you can simultaneously brush up on your interpersonal, computer, research, writing, speaking and organizational skills. A paralegal secretary must be organized, can communicate well with different kinds of people, develop investigative skills and know how to use the computer for filing, drafting and maintaining records. It is important to choose a school that provides training and internship. This will help you get acquainted with people in the field and learn about various legal organizations’ processes. Some law firms and organizations prefer certified paralegals. When you are already qualified for it, you can get a Paralegal Secretary Certificate either by taking exams or doing volunteer work. Scout for organizations that issue certification and learn about their criteria.

Experience as a paralegal secretary may open doors for you when you decide to advance in this field. You can take up additional courses in tax preparation, law enforcement, criminal justice or healthcare to expand your job options. You can even become a lawyer if you decide to finish a degree later on. Paralegals are almost always busy researching, investigating, writing and documenting cases so expect to work long hours. This is a fulfilling job because you are constantly learning through research. Monetary wise, paralegals are well compensated and room for growth is encouraging.You will also gain an understanding of the concepts, terminology and documentation specific to courts and legal offices, and develop the skills and experience necessary for effective case research, reporting and preparation of contractual agreements such as wills, probates and leases.

Make yourself a valuable asset by continuing studies and specializing in areas such as employee benefits, intellectual property, immigration, personal injury, corporate law, family law or bankruptcy. Experience in these areas will add up to your credentials. With enough experience and excellent performance, you can hold supervisory positions in a few years.

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