How To Improve My Penis Girth: Naturally Increase Penis Girth

There are several ways to improve your penis girth and believe it or not you don't even have to go under the knife or spend on anything at all. There are several natural penis exercises you can do which are proven to be safe and effective. Here are some of the exercises you can do for an improved penis girth:

Kegel Exercise. This exercise develops the PC muscles. The PC muscles are the ones that move when you try to contract your anus. Not only does this muscle help you perform longer in bed by having stronger erections, this also help you get a better looking penis by increasing the girth. You start performing this exercise by sitting on a small ball, same size as a tennis ball. When seated contract your anus and hold it for seven to ten seconds. Release then rest for a minute. Continue the process 20 more times and you can gradually increase the number of repetitions as you get used to the exercise. This will give you better girth in approximately one and a half months.

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Milking Technique. This exercise develops the tissues around the penis responsible for length and girth. Start this exercise by taking a warm bath for ten minutes or putting a warm moist towel over the penis for about five minutes. Your penis and both your hands have to be well lubricated before proceeding with the exercise. After doing so, stroke your penis until it gets semi erect to erect. Just make sure that the penis is erect but still can be a little flexible. Grip the base of the shaft by encircling it with your thumb and forefinger and the palm facing down. Slowly but firmly slide up the grip up to the base of the head. Continue the process with the other hand doing the same stroke and finger positioning. Doing this repeatedly will not only make your penis fatter and thicker but also stimulate it enough to reach ejaculation or orgasm. This would then prepare you for the next exercise.

The next exercise is called the Ballooning Technique. The Ballooning Technique aims to develop the spongy at the base of the shaft for a better girth. You start this exercise by having a warm bath for ten minutes or placing warm towel over the penis for the same amount of time. Both your hands and penis should be well lubricated. Perform the Milking Technique as explained previously until you reach the point of orgasm. The idea is to stop around ten seconds before reaching orgasm. You are not to ejaculate at all. You have to stop before reaching point of orgasm and ejaculation three times and deciding to release on the fourth. You may choose to do more stopping action which is much better.

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There are a lot of different kinds of penis enlargement exercises that you can look into if you want to get a bigger penis in the long run. This article will focus on easy stretches, squeezes and jelqs that are known to be highly effective at getting this particular job done.

In terms of penis enlargement exercises, soft stretches can easily stretch the necessary penile ligaments to produce a longer penis in the long run. For an easier way to do this stretch, make sure you start with a semi-erection. After that, encircle your manhood behind the tip with an OK sign and then pull down while counting to 30. You can quickly flex your manhood while doing this stretch, as well, to make it stronger.

Once you reach 30, grab your manhood at the base and quickly shake it 30 times until it completely relaxes. Then, do the exact same sequence again, but pulling to the left, then to the right and then straight out, each time quickly flexing your manhood.

If you are a beginner in the world of penis enlargement exercises, then it would be best to start out with very light pulling pressure. As you advance, keep increasing the pressure, so that you have to strain with exertion for a good stretch by the end of the first month. This shouldn't hurt in any way, though. One great way to get more leverage as time goes by would be to sit down and grab your manhood with an OK sign while grabbing the end of your chair with the rest of your fingers. This will give you the best stretch ever!

Long penis squeezes are great penis enlargement exercises, as well. To do this, just grab your manhood at the base with an OK sign placed far into your body. Squeeze your kegel muscles and then squeeze the OK sign up along your shaft until your penis is completely engorged. When this happens, your penile veins should bulge and the tip of your penis should look a bit glossy.

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Hold the squeeze for about 30 seconds and then move your hand up an inch for more pressure. Once the 30 seconds are up, let your grip go and shake your manhood out for several seconds. After that, get another erection and do everything all over again.

Keep in mind that you have to contract your kegel muscles with every squeeze if you want to get the utmost blood force, though. By putting maximum pressure onto your manhood, you can force more blood into your penis overall. Make sure you are careful as you do this, though. After all, you don't want to damage your penis unintentionally while doing your penis enlargement exercises.

If you ever see tiny red spots on your manhood or feel any sort of pain, just stop doing your exercises until they go away in a few days. Although these spots are completely harmless, pain should never be felt while doing penile exercises - remember that.

Jelqs are common penis enlargement exercises, too. To do them, all you need to do is get a semi-erection and have some lubrication handy. Hand lotion, olive oil and baby oil would all be great options for this.

Once ready, grab your penis at the base with an OK sign and then push the sign up towards the tip with enough force to send a lot of blood into it. Release the OK sign and do the exact same thing with your hands, continuously switching until you are done. Naturally, you are free to take short breaks in-between jelqs, as well, though. Have fun!

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Before anything else, you should now that penis enlargement exercises should never be done without warming up first. After you have warmed up, though, you can start doing your exercises as needed.

As with other types of exercises out there, penis enlargement exercises start with basic stretches. Penile stretches are actually the oldest form of penile exercises out there and are vital to every routine that you want to do to enlarge your manhood. The majority of the advanced forms of these exercises are especially made to improve the length of a man's penis through stretches, though.

The penis enlargement exercises that involve stretching will basically require you to hold your manhood and to gently pull it downwards. This stretch should be held for around half a minute. Then, just keep doing this in different directions - to the right, to the left, up and straight out - each time holding the stretch for half a minute.

While it doesn't necessarily matter where you hold your penis while you stretch, you have to make sure that you don't directly grab its head because you could put yourself at risk by doing so. After all, the tip is the most sensitive bit of your penis and it has to be treated well. Grabbing it anywhere else will work, though most men choose to grab about an inch below the glans in order to avoid stretching the skin too much.

The overall goal of these penis enlargement exercises would be to pull hard enough, so that you stretch your penile tissues without inflicting any pain. This means finding the perfect middle ground. Fortunately, this will get easier with time and as you gain more experience in the matter. To start, it would be best to take things slow and easy. However, you should also increase the intensity after several weeks.

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To do this, just start incorporating more advanced stretches to your routine. In some cases, you can incorporate advanced stretches right away. If you are a beginner, though, you shouldn't add them until a few months later when your penis is primed and ready for advancement.

As you stretch your manhood, you should feel various sensations, such as a tingling sensation, a bit of itchiness, or even fatigue. As long as these are the only sensations that you feel, you should know that you are doing things right. You may feel a bit of a burning sensation during these stretches, as well. That is normal, too, and usually occurs when particular muscles do high intensity exercises in the area.

If you don't feel any of these sensations, though, do not worry. Some men don't really feel anything but the actual stretch as it happens. The most important thing in this department is not to feel any pain whatsoever. Pain is always bad. So, if you feel pain, stop doing your stretches right away. This means that you are doing them too intensely.

There are various tips that you will need to follow while doing these penis enlargement exercises, as well, and to make sure that you make the most of them overall. One tip is to make sure that you are completely comfortable while doing your exercises. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you do them while sitting or standing. As long as you are comfortable while doing the exercises, they will work well.

It would also be important to only do these penis enlargement exercises while completely flaccid, if you are still a beginner in the field. Stretching an erect penis is generally much more intense and should therefore only be done after several months of experienced penile stretching and working out.

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How would you react if you had to get your male organ operated on, just so you could end up with a more prominent manhood? Just by reading about the process that goes into penile enlargement surgery can make you think twice about enhancing your penis size! Thankfully though, there are plenty of other ways to gain size to your penis without needing any painful surgery at all.

1. Taking Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are aplenty in the market today. These supplement pills are often made of natural ingredients which are known to be effective in aiding the growth of the male organ. Combined with the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, enhancement pills can certainly impact the size of your manhood in a positive way.

However, because the FDA does not regulate the production of these medicines, some products may contain ingredients which may have adverse effects on your body. So the onus is on you to find the right product to consume.

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2. Using Penile Extender Tools

Penile extender tools are specially designed devices which goes over your penis and employs a stretching action on it. The traction force applied on your male organ over a period of time naturally causes the cells in your organ to divide and expand, resulting in a gain in physique to your manhood.

Extender tools work great. But the downside to using these tools is its relatively high cost. In fact, each tool can cost as much as $500!

3. Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises

Another way of naturally increasing your penis size is simply by doing some exercises on it. By performing the right stretching and massaging exercises on your male organ regularly, you actually stimulate it into gradually gaining size over a period of time. What is best about this method is you only need to use your hands to do the exercises - no expensive devices or tools required!

Time is the only disadvantageous factor in doing penis enlargement exercises. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks before you can finally see a significant improvement to your manhood size.

But you can be assured that your penis will remain that much bigger for good - even without doing the exercises anymore!

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