Grommets are helpful in electronics applications when a wire or tube needs to pass through metal or other material that might result in damage. Most commonly, they protect cables from sharp corners and borders.

Uses of Grommets

LARGE GROMMETS can be described as hole reinforcements that usually made from such materials as plastic, rubber or metal bands. They supply help to the form of the hole and act as a barricade between the hole material and the thing that needs to pass through the cavity. For delicate substances, grommets improve the life span of the cavity's integrity by preventing rips or tears at the thing passing through it.

Leather and Fabrics

Grommets used in many different fabrics. In footwear, they are used for supplying a barrier between the substance of a shoe along with the laces. They're also used to designs of luggage and clothes, such as a portion of the belt buckle or a loop to a handle.

House Decoration

Massive grommets made from metal are attached to the tops of curtains at regular intervals so that a curtain pole may pass. This style of hanging curtains is among the popular decorating techniques utilized in homes. Grommets are used in a vast range of furniture layouts as functional accessories or fashion accents. They are made in different metallic finishes for complimenting the design program, such as brass, pewter, brushed alloy, copper and painted colors.

Official Purposes

Grommets are used in offices, electrical and medical equipment's. They provide barriers for shielding wires passing through cavities in desks, metal hardware and cabinets. Repeated pulling or tugging can eliminate the coatings on wires and ultimately damage the cables itself. But floor cable grommets made from rubber or plastic can't only help solve this issue, but also empower better organization of the wires passing through them.


Grommets have also been successfully utilized in the healthcare market. They are specially used for fixing problems occurring from the ear. They may be surgically placed in the ear to correct fluid accumulation.

Rubber Grommet Shapes

Rubber Grommet can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, including oval, square, rectangular, oblong, and around grommets.

Large Rubber Grommets Specifications

Inner Diameter Range : 20mm - 50mm
Material : NR, NBR, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, FKM
Colors : Black, White
Hardness : 30-80 Shore A
Temperature Rang : -40℃ to 230℃

Large Rubber Grommets Sizes

20mm rubber grommets
22mm rubber grommets
24mm rubber grommets
25mm rubber grommets
30mm rubber grommets
32mm rubber grommets
36mm rubber grommets
40mm rubber grommets
45mm rubber grommets
50mm rubber grommets

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