Mnemonics allows you to remember difficult and complex details which makes it useful when trying to learn how improve memory. Rhymes as well as acronyms are used to permit people to retain the names of people, places as well as dates and other such tricky details.

How to Improve the Memory with Mnemonics

Songs as well as Rhymes

By using the rhyme "30 days hath September", a lot of individuals are able to retain the number of days in each month of the year. The best thing about music is the fact that it allows one to easily remember information. If you're sitting next to person while humming a song, the other person might not understand what you're trying to accomplish but it will be very useful for you in recalling whatever it is that you wish to remember. Retention of something that is humorous and strange is easier which is why mnemonics are particularly useful. Consequently, you find mnemonics being used heavily within advertisements. Shoppers will relate to products by trying to recall a song or a rhyme that it is linked to.


Memory increase occurs hand in hand with the ability of the brain to sift through large amounts of varying comprehensive info like sounds, smells, tastes, touch, positions, emotions etc. The data decoded by our brain then transforms it into the model of the world that we see around us. Basically, the info that is deciphered by the brain is then housed in your memory. As an illustration, consider a situation in which somebody starts talking about clouds, you'll automatically start thinking about words like fluffy, white, sky etc. You can also use a mnemonic to help you with remembering it. Another popular mnemonic is the word "scuba". Each letter in the word "scuba" will point you towards a particular word. Basically, it is an acronym that stipulates equipment used to breathe underwater.

Word Mnemonics/Acrostics

Planets have fixed positions in the universe and people tend to use mnemonics to help them recollect that particular order. The order of the planets is: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. First of all, do not go any further and just try to retrieve the order to the planets by using the first letter in each of the names to make a handy sentence and figure out how to memorize quickly. Now, check whether this works for you: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Noodles. The key to creating mnemonic phrases is to be as creative as possible. You'll also be surprised to know that trying to recall negative associations is much harder. That is why you should concentrate on developing mnemonics that remind you of positive things because you'll need that to learn how improve memory.

Image Mnemonics

In essence, image mnemonics denote pictures that can point you in the right direction. By coming up with a visualization of a particular situation, chances are you will easily remember it. Students amongst other people have to memorize large amounts of data and this method is popular amongst them. Students will generally draw these images on their lecture notes so as to look at them time and time again. The condition, however, is to be aware of the context of the picture. Another method stresses upon the fact that the image that you're developing should be as memorable or noteworthy as possible. Funny pictures work best; if something is really stupid and funny, chances are you won't forget it.

Also, you should try to mix acronyms with images to increase their effectiveness. BAT is an acronym for Barbiturates, Alcohol and Tranquilizers. For this particular detail, you should make an attempt to visualize a bad with a morose expression on its face. You will tend to remember this image because of the fact that it is funny and strange.


If you create a story through a variety of word linkages is known as chaining. Contrary to the concept of acrostics, this particular method will allow you to employ words that permit the story to make more sense. Experts recommend the use of chaining when trying to recollect a long list of items in a particular order.

From an overall perspective, mnemonics is used by individuals to try and memorize complex details as well as concepts. Mnemonics can be used by a variety of people ranging from students to professionals.

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