It seems that in today's society there is a clear need for increased emphasis on the importance of exercise. As a result of the realization of the importance of exercise as a path to health and wellness, the fitness industry has seen tremendous and sustained growth over the past few years. While physical fitness is incredibly important and necessary for wellness, one aspect of exercise is being unfortunately overlooked: Exercise that trains the mind. By focusing on the following exercises, one can improve their abilities to focus and concentrate, while also sharpening their recall. Listed below are the 5 best exercises how to improve concentration and focus:

Visual Exercise

For this visual exercise, the user will require two differently colored pencils and a timer equipped with an alarm. Set the timer to go off at varying intervals, so that during one interval the alarm will go off after 12 seconds, and during the next it will go off after 8 seconds, and so on. The user will hold one pencil in each hand, and extend one arm out so that the hand is at eye level, focusing upon the pencil. When the alarm goes off, the user will switch arms and focus upon the other pencil. This exercise trains the visual cortex of the brain, which helps the user focus while also ignoring any potential distractions.


This isn't the traditional form of meditation. Instead, the user will pick out any object before beginning the meditation session, and will study the object for an extended period of time, maybe about 10 minutes. They will look at all angles of the object, taking mental note of every detail such as its shape, contour and color. The user will then close their eyes and attempt to visualize the object by recalling all of their mental notes. This exercise helps to greatly improve memory recall and concentration.

Scent Observation

This next exercise may require the user to take a walk outside where there is plenty of plant life. On this walk, the user should pay close attention to all of the scents they observe, trying to identify each one. After a short period of time, they should select one of the scents they have observed and identified and try to smell only that scent. By concentrating on that single scent, the user will be able to greatly increase their ability to focus on a single thing while tuning out any potential distractions. This skill can be applied to all of the senses, not just smell.

Mirror Focus

This exercise may bring to mind Robert DeNiro's character in <i>Taxi Driver</i>, but one must trust that this is a perfectly normal and healthy exercise. While looking into the mirror, one should draw circles around the reflection of the eyes. Focus should be directed into the reflection of the eyes, attempting to remain perfectly still. While maintaining this stillness, the user should focus only on breathing deeply while maintaining focused attention on the reflection of the eyes. This exercise will not only improve focus and concentration, but will also impact the user's level of confidence.

Physical Exercise

It has been demonstrated time and again that physical fitness activities dramatically improve brain function when a user engages in these activities on a consistent basis. By incorporating any type of physical fitness routine, brain functions such as concentration and focus are positively impacted. Many physical fitness activities are great opportunities for introspection or brainstorming. While engaging in certain activities such as running or cycling, many users report that the physical stimulation causes their brain to feel equally stimulated, which result in some of their best thoughts and ideas. This is backed up by scientific studies that show 10 to 40 minutes of exercise can lead to an immediate boost in concentration and focus.

If one has a desire to improve their brain function, particularly their ability to focus and concentrate, simply engaging in the above activities will make a noticeable difference. By taking just a few moments from their day, users can take joy in the fact that they are able to focus more closely and concentrate much more thoroughly than they were ever able before.

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Throughout a career in engineering and project management with a family then afterward as an author working from home, a laser focus, concentration and optimizing, prioritizing schedule has been critical for his success.

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