If you find it much costly to install a filter in the whole house’s water supply, installing a filter in the showerhead can be a good option.

We have described the steps of installing a water filter here so that you can complete the job effortlessly.

Some people have sensitive hair and skin which may have irritations from unfiltered water. So installing a shower head filter can help them to solve this problem at a
lower cost.

There are several showerheads from different brands that come with built-in water filters which are very simple to install. The shower filters remove the chlorine, dirt, and odours from the water.

Some filters can also change the ph level of the water and make it softer. Showerhead water filters can help you to improve the quality of your hair and skin.

Built-in Filter

Some shower heads come with built-in integrated filters. If you want to have a showerhead with built-in filters you have to choose from a limited range as there won’t be much variety.

However, these showerheads will work best and filter the water much efficiently. Many showerheads with built-in filters come with several spray patterns which will give you a massage-like shower experience.

The filtered showerheads are space-saving as you won’t have to install a filter separately. These showerheads are much convenient and easy to operate while giving you the experience of a soft and good-quality shower.

In-line Filters

You need to install the in-line shower filters just behind the shower arm. The design of these shower filters is compact but you need to remember that your showerhead may become lower than before.

The most convenient thing about this filter is you can use it with any shower head you have and you will not have to change the filter while changing the showerhead.

If your showerhead comes far down you can use this filter with the shower arm extension to keep the showerhead at the exact height.

Where to Buy the Shower Filter

You can find the showerhead water filter in most of the hardware and home improvement stores. You may find two or three brands in most of the stores so you will not have many options to choose from if you shop your showerhead filter physically.

However, shopping online can give you a wide range of variety which will allow you to choose according to your requirements and budget. Also, you can go through the online reviews if you buy over the internet.

Maintenance and Replacement

Before getting a showerhead filter you should know about the maintenance and replacement cost of your specific model. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the cartridge after 6-12 months of usage.

The replacement time will depend on the amount of water passing through the water filter. The proper maintenance will certainly make the water filter long-lasting.

Using a shower head filter can provide you with soft and good-quality water at a minimum cost and effort. You just need to maintain the showerhead properly to extend the lifespan of the filter.

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