Undoubtedly we all have at least one wooden piece of furniture in our home. And that masterpiece is very close to your heart (reasons may vary). Whether you have placed the wooden furniture in-house or outdoor, they always need proper care and maintenance to retain the charm and luster.

Keep Furniture from Direct Sunlight: Sunlight can fade the wooden surface, omitting its shine. Further, the sunlight can melt varnish from the wood that develops cracks and convert your beloved furniture into a damaged product. Hence, it's better to keep the furniture out of sight from sunlight. The best place to keep your furniture is indoor, where they can beautify your other decorative assets.

Repaint Your Furniture: With time, the paint peel-off from the wooden furniture and exposes the wood to direct sunlight, air, and moisture. Environmental conditions can start damaging your furniture, and hence it's essential to put a layer of paint without any delay. However, painting your wooden furniture too requires adequate skills. You should check this guide to learn how to paint your wooden furniture.

Dust it Off: Every piece of furniture in your house invites dust and dirt. Hence, you should clean the furniture to keep it sparkling and remove all the dust. But you should always prefer using a soft cloth that you can use to wide off all dust from the furniture. Top of the wooden furniture is easy to clean, but it's equally important to clean the bottom part bi-monthly. It will help you remove the dust and clean spider web from damaging your furniture.

Oil and Wax your Furniture Regularly: It's good to maintain your wood furniture's charm by applying oil and wax onto it. Applying oil/wax builds a protective layer on the wooden furniture and protects it from the negative impact of sunlight, liquid spill, or other day-to-day mistakes. You can find different wood polish available in the market. Choose the one that best fits your budget and can cover the whole furniture.

Keep Sharp Items Away: Wood is vulnerable to sharp objects. The reason being, sharp items can easily leave the mark and scratches on wood furniture. It will gradually degrade the looks of your wooden furniture. Hence, it's better to keep your wooden furniture away from sharp objects. Once a scratch originates, it's hard to recover it and bring its beauty back. The scratches will remain forever; it can only be covered with varnish to avoid further damages.

Keep it Safe from Pets: If you own pets, it's also essential to keep them away from the wooden furniture. Pets can scratch the wooden surface and damage your furniture. You can either protect the furniture with a soft cover or surround it with chairs that can resist pets from damaging your furniture.

These are some of the most effective practices that can enhance your furniture's life. Moreover, it will also help you keep the wooden furniture in shape for years to come.

What more tactics you have used to retain your wooden furniture and keep it in as-is condition? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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