Digitalization has greatly influenced and improved the daily chores of millions of people around the world. It is a fact that the work has become a lot simpler, convenient and easier than before. Today one can easily look for the products and services online and prefer to get online services over the offline. In the digitalized era if you are planning to start a business or expand your existing business, it is better to take it online. Setting up an online store is much simpler, convenient and cost-effective in comparison to a traditional store.

To non-techy people starting an e-commerce website can be a huge undertaking but it is not as hard or complex as one think. There are some easy yet necessary steps which one must consider in order to set up one’s own online store. One needs to be dedicated, persistent and have the willingness to learn. Here are some of the basic steps to launch an online store that might seem tougher to non tech savvy people but like it is said you have to be the change your want to see:

1. Choosing the right industry or product

In order to set up an online store, one must choose the right product to sell in order to get maximum attention from the crowd. The product and the industry play an important role in deciding whether the e-commerce website will be successful or not. Finalizing the product from the infinite number of options available can be really confusing. During the initial stage, one must look for the price, margin, shipping size all the relatable factors to decide on the products.

2. Setting up the website

It is important to set up a user-friendly website, which can be easily navigated by the users. There are number of e-commerce platforms available, which provide good services to the businesses over the years, some of the well-known platforms are Shopify and OpenCart, which provides the users with wide range of website templates to easily set up their online store. In order to create a website, it is necessary to get a domain and hosting. In case you find it difficult to handle the technical work, you can contact the best service provider to manage the website work effectively and efficiently.

3. Marketing and promotion

Only setting up an attractive website with products displayed on it cannot help you get the success. One needs to implement the market penetrating digital marketing strategy and technique in order to get maximum traffic. In addition, to help people recognize the business one must get a simple, attractive and meaningful logo for the online store which can be used for online promotions of the store.

4. Analyze the competition

In order to get success and rise in the industry one should never underestimate the competitors. Always make it a habit to thoroughly analyze the top 5 or more competitors’ and always track the activities to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Thoroughly inspecting the strengths and weakness of the competitors in the business helps one establish and grow better.

Setting up an online store can be really easy if one is dedicated and possess the correct amount of enthusiasm to work on it. With a good knowledge about the basic information it’s time to take action and implement the plan to get the best result which might be slower at first but can yield huge revenue in the future.

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