Are you a person who says "I see" or a person who says "I hear you" or a person who says "I have a gut feeling?" You have probably by now determined your primary sense system, but now it is time to put that to work. You can use your primary sense system to help facilitate your learning so that you can better take in and retain what you need to know.
Here is a simple exercise to practice this NLP technique.
1. Think about school and choose a class in which you are having difficulty understanding and/or retaining the material.
2. How does your teacher teach the material? Does he or she deliver the material in a visual, audio, or kinesthetic manner or a combination of these?
3. Now consider how you can change things to ensure that you are able to take in all of what is being taught.
In class you could put a piece of plastic over a text book so that you can make notes and draw while the teacher explains the subject. Take one topic in one of your classes and determine a method of reviewing the material that will help you retain it. Should you make diagrams, act it out, make it into a song, or record yourself reading your notes and then listen to it. Write your solution on a note book. With this experience behind you, you can use this method to tackle any other material you are learning in your classes and you will be able to understand and retain anything your teachers can throw your way.

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