Most of us could do with a little more self-love. After all, if we love ourselves more, we can allow ourselves to achieve more, we have more self-esteem, we can attract people to us that are attracted to the energy of love, and we can feel love. And love is a great feeling.

So, let us use a special combination of a practical exercise with some EFT. If EFT is new to you, don't worry, there are many EFT Practitioner sites that offer freebie manuals and videos to get you started. EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique, affectionately known as Tapping. That is because we bring the energy of what is in our path to freedom up for healing, and then we tap it away by stimulation with the fingertips.

So, let us start with the practical exercise. Get a special notebook just for this purpose. Fill your special notebook with a special list. This is a list of things that you like about yourself or that others say they like about you. If you cannot think of any, invent them. Yes, invent them, make them up. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference, and when you change your energy to the energy of those nice things about yourself, you adopt them anyway. Strange, but true in most cases that I have witnessed. It is called Fake it Till You Make It. But I trust you will not have to fake many nice attributes about yourself. Even things like "I brush my teeth once a day", as seemingly simple and banal, is actually a nice thing about you!

Then, let us move onto the EFT Tapping Exercise. Tap on all the EFT points that you are used to using, do it continuously. Then keep tapping as you open your special notebook and read the first statement. Read it 3 times. Then Tap continuously on all the points you like as you say "I am willing to consider that this is something nice about me." Read that first statement again as you tap, and follow it by tapping "I am open to the suggestion that I may love myself even when I can't"

Do this every day, using the next statement the next day, and the one after the day after, and so on. When you have finished all the statements, repeat this tapping exercise once more.

And whenever you have a low moment, or whenever you have moments of self-criticism, go to your notebook at the first possible opportunity and read out any statement that comes to you, three times, as you tap on all the points you like. Follow it by "I want to feel better, I deserve to feel better, I want to love myself better, I allow healing anyway, no matter what".

Try this protocol for 6 weeks and see how you feel!

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