CCTV Security Camera Installation Sydney

In recent years we are witnessing a surge in demand for CCTV cameras, a primary component which helps in effective surveillance. Whether it’s residential or official premises, CCTV cameras are an excellent way to ward off vandals, thieves and intruders who tend to break in and cause harm to your property, belongings and family. Meanwhile, to achieve maximum benefits from surveillance cameras, it is equally important to maintain them. Here is what owners must include in the maintenance checklist:

CCTV maintenance

Remember if you fail to keep your surveillance camera in top condition the entire security network is likely to break a couple of years down the line, which will make your property, family and belongings vulnerable. Since replacement of CCTV cameras can get heavy on your pocket, we will suggest you seek proper maintenance for the best CCTV camera in Sydney.

A simple evaluation of your security system is extremely important as it helps you determine if replacements or repairs are necessary. Here is what your CCTV maintenance checklist should ideally comprise:

Camera lens

First, find out if the lens is rightly focused or adjusted. Now, check if the camera view is on track. Are you able to see the perimeters of your property? Next, clean the lens using compressed air and microfiber cloth. Have you checked the motion detector? Is it working fine? After this use the controller to find out if the camera’s functions like pan and zoom are working right. Trim any foliage that might be obstructing the view.


Next in line, check the wires and look for wear and exposed wires. Did you come across any loose wire? Find out if the picture and sound are good without any distortion.

Monitoring & recording

Check the monitoring system. Is it transmitting clear images? Find out the brightness and check the contrast and other settings of the CCTV surveillance cameras in Sydney. Make sure everything is adjusted correctly, generating good quality images where you can identify everything captured. Now, check whether the switches are working right. Can every equipment function properly? Now clean up the monitors and make sure the equipment is dust-free. Watch out for grime which can distort the quality of the view. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean them. Meanwhile don’t forget to bring a gentle cleaning solution. You can’t possibly ruin the equipment by applying harsh cleaning chemicals.

How frequently should you get the system checked?

When it comes to CCTV maintenance in Sydney owners seem confused. They probably can’t decide exactly when they should get the systems monitored. This mostly depends upon the location of the system and how damaged they are. Experts recommend you must look into the systems every once a month. The routine check will help you determine whether anything odd is showing up. Remember to keep your property protected it’s vital that the surveillance systems must work properly.

Furthermore, our experts recommend that you get the entire system checked by professionals at least twice every year. Call up professionals offering CCTV security camera installation in Sydney. Other than the installation team, manufacturers sometimes deploy maintenance professionals who are proficient in taking a deeper look into such interconnected systems.

Remember, timely maintenance will add to the life of a surveillance system which has been protecting your property, family and belongings from prying eyes of intruders and criminals.

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The author runs a company selling CCTV surveillance cameras in Sydney. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key areas involving CCTV maintenance and surveillance.