Adsense was hailed as the savior of the internet world when it first became established as a significant force in internet advertising.Up until then, most internet advertising had really been fairly large banner adverts at the top and side of pages, which were often fairly large, and more likely to put you off the product than endear you to it. Adsense was a model that really worked. It was unobtrusive in the way that banners weren't and seemed to work for both website owners and companies.the advantage for website owners, was that virtually anyone with a website could use Adsense, with a a few exceptions, and it was relatively easy to install on a site. From a company's point of view, it was very effective, because it was specifically targeted and the company would only pay for the ads when the client clicked through on them ,which made them very specific and focused, and cost effective. Since then , Adsense has to a degree been a mixed blessing.many people have tried to use it and have made money, others have just given up because the reality of making money through it has not proved as simple as the process itself is. There seem to be two main things that affect the financial success of Adsense. Firstly is that it seems to work best with products than anything else. People seem more likely to click on ads where they are looking for a product, rather than a specific service.This makes a lot of sense.There is no risk from a customers point of view.They probably know what they're looking for and are trying to get the best price or service they can for the product, so an ad will fit better into that model. The other thing that makes a real difference to the effectiveness of Adsense, is where on the page you place the ad. Google even produce their own guide to where best places on a site are, which they call a Heatmap. This is invaluable, because it gives you avery clear guide as to generally speaking, what works and what doesn't. Adsense can be frustrating because it seems that it should be easier to make money from it , than it actually is ! - actually, that more of an issue about work ethics, than Google
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