The Montmorency selection of the red cherry family is incredibly delicate. This is the reason you possibly won't come across fresh Montmorency sour cherries in the produce section of your local store. The majority of the Montmorency tart cherries are utilized as ingredients in recipes which includes cherry pies, cherry recipes, cherry powder and tart cherry juice concentrate. Nevertheless, just prior to learn about how to select tart cherry juice concentrate for your way of life, let's learn how the red cherries are grown and harvested.

The cherry blossoms are a stunning white and make a ideal backdrop for a tension-free of charge afternoon. As the cherry orchards fill with cherry blossoms, they are incredibly gorgeous and a relaxing place to take pleasure in a relaxing jog. As you have seen from photo the cherry orchards are an exceptional contrast to the following countryside.

The cherry harvest typically occurs in mid July to early August.
As the cherries get ready for harvest countless workers, farm equipment and "shakers" descend upon the cherry orchards to gather all of the ready to be picked cherries.

Throughout the mid summer harvest, the primary work horse equipment is the "tree shakers" . Since the average tart cherry tree grows over 6,500 cherries, the "shakers" replaces the will will need to handpick every single cherry from the millions of cherry trees across the nation.

The "shakers"

The shaker grabs every single tree and shakes the cherries free. Once the tart cherries are shaken from the fruit tree, a conveyor belt carries the freshly picked cherries to a tank of cool water.

Once the cherries are shaken from the fruit trees they are then transported to a processing station where the twigs, leaves and other debris are removed.

After the non-cherry objects are removed at the initial set of processing stations,the cherries are then moved to one far more region where the recently picked tart cherries are sorted, pitted and sent for further down the line for processing. At the following processing stations in the processing cycle, the recently picked cherries are then washed again and again.

Once the sour cherries are sorted and pitted, quite a few of them are then pressed to make cherry juice The juice is then placed by means of a number of high quality assurance and top top quality controls screens to make sure the juice is completely filtered of foreign objects.
The smashed cherry juice is then pasteurized and highly concentrated and placed into 52 gallon drums. To recognize a lot much more tart cherry juice concentrate go to Traverse Bay Farms.

At this point the cherry juice concentrate is then bottled, frozen or packaged into 48 gallon drums for future use. Now you know precisely how tart cherry juice concentrate is made from the tree to the bottle.

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