Are you starting out on coffee and want a full brief guide on how to make a coffee in a coffee maker? Well, you've come to the right place. Today I will be telling you everything you need to know on how to make your coffee properly in a coffee maker.

Coffee has been known for multiple centuries for its fresh aroma, addictive taste, and oh so refreshing beans; now, making a good coffee purely depends upon you and your methods of coffee making. You can make really good coffee by just following a few easy and very basic steps and then adjust it to as you or your friends like it!

Once you learn all the parts and functions of the coffee maker, you will successfully master the art of coffee making in no time at all. Don’t believe me? Let me show you!

How to make coffee in a Coffee Maker 

What you will need 

Starting out with the basics first, you will be needing

Add water 

  • Get filtered water for the best results; in case you don’t have filtered water, just run your tap water through a filter for better results.
  • Use the markings on your coffee maker to measure the water, or you can weigh it yourself.

Prepare you Filter 

  • Do try to get a flat-bottomed wavy filter, as you can place it in the coffee maker as it is.
  • If you get a cone-shaped filter, then don’t forget to fold the crimpled edges in the opposite directions before you place it in the filter basket.
  • Usually, some of the coffee makers come with an inbuilt stainless steel filter; in that case, you won't have to do any prep.

Brew Coffee

Final and last step, you can skip this one step if your coffee is already grounded, but if you are grinding now, then give this a read

  • Start grinding your beans at a medium grind size
  • Keep noting your grind setting in case you would have to adjust a little or repeat them.
  • Once you are done grinding, add the grounds to the filter and put it back inside the coffee maker
  • Turn on the coffee maker and let it do the rest!
  • You’re all done!



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