The basic purpose of a press release is to attract the press towards your event. So, naturally, you cannot just write a piece and send it to the press. You must weave magic with words.

In case of sports like football, there are many instances that call for writing an online press release, such as your team wins at the state or national level, or ropes in a celebrity for endorsement, or gets a new coach or member.

Anything that makes news is worthy of a mind-blowing press release.

The beauty of a press release is that, through the use of words and sentence construction, you can create a sensation out of a simple thing.

For example, your college football field is renovating. Does this make news? Well, at the first glance, it doesn’t.

However, you can bring your college football field in the limelight by writing a mind-blowing press release on the renovation work.

Talk of how the field would become after the renovation, what tournaments it will hold, which specialties it would feature after renovation, and other similar stuff.

How to attract?

The headline is your tool for attraction.

Make it eye-popping.

Keep it short with powerful words.

If your college is reputable and hosts many football tournaments, it makes sense to create a press release for its renovation.

Example 1:

You could start your press release with an attention-grabbing headline like:
“(College name) puts on hold all football tournaments.”

This is likely to create a buzz because your college is famous for its football matches and the headline says that it has put on hold all matches.

Example 2:

“No more football tournaments in (college name).”

This is likely to make the reader freeze and read the whole press release. It arouses curiosity as to why the college will not organize any more football matches.

Once you have grabbed the reader’s attention, it is time to spill the beans. You cannot continue the mystery, right?

Now, the onus lies on how well you write the opening paragraph.

You must create excitement around the renovation. What big will happen after the renovation? Which features are added in the field during renovation?

You can talk about the first big match that will happen in the newly furbished field or how the renovation features advanced lighting technology and other specialties.

To make your press release more accurate, include the date of commencement of renovation and its deadline. You may also provide the schedule of future matches.

Another idea is to keep the schedule under wraps and tell the audience to watch out for the next online press release. You have already created an audience for your second piece!

Online press releases are the norm these days. You can even hire press release writing and distribution services. They help your piece of content get a wider media exposure and, at times, new audience too.

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