When I entered the internet marketing scene back in 2005, I started out selling affiliate products both from Clickbank and Amazon. I was so new in the business so I didn’t have my own product to sell right away. I must say that between the two, Clickbank gave a better offer (Oh well, of course) I recall being asked by a few buddies in the business why I stuck it out as an Amazon associate when in fact there were a lot of good reasons why I should not waste my time selling products from that site.

My answer was simple, one of the blog sites I maintain perfectly matched Amazon’s wide variety of products. Instead of creating my own products from scratch, I could simply sell existing goods from this most trusted online shopping site. So, what the heck? The commission may not be that big but when you are selling in high volumes, it is amazing to find out that your one dollar commission per product can actually become a thousand in the long run.

With the income I have been earning from Amazon, I believe that it’s still one of the best affiliate programs. I have been told to redirect my focus on high paying programs, or sell my own products. Yes,I do sell my own products already but I’m still selling Amazon products in one of my sites.

They have a wide range of products per market that can make online shoppers come back to buy new stuff. I’ve been earning well from repeat customers myself. But I must say this , I think that this idea does not work to all blog sites or niches. I mean, there are niches where Amazon items just won’t complement well.

So, if it worked for my site, I don’t conclude that it will work for yours too. First you have to really know your niche and your target customers. One factor you need to consider is the content of your blogs because the product that you will pick out must be relevant to your topic.

If the topic allows you to naturally link your posts to a product that you choose to promote, then you can once in awhile include a link in your posts and redirect your readers to the item you are promoting. And of course, you can have banners, too. Some bloggers write book reviews on their sites and so it allows them to promote books as an affiliate.

You often hear tips on how to make money fast on the internet, I say this is not entirely a myth if the word FAST does not necessarily mean OVERNIGHT. It doesn’t really matter how much commission you earn per item, you got to look at the bigger picture. Like they say, small payments add up.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Discover how Menno increased his sales using his very own Copywriting Manual.