How To Make My Husband Love Me More In Bed: Will Sex Make Him Love Me More

Often women ask me, "Will sex make him love me more?" This is like asking, "Will a child love me if I give her a cupcake?"

Well, assuming most all children love cupcakes (men love sex), you have to take into consideration the relationship that you have with the child.

If it's your child, then she loves you and will probably feel so honored to be receiving a cupcake, because it will feel like a gift of love.

If it's not your child and you have a casual relationship, she may be very pleased and grateful to get a yummy treat from you, but it isn't going to make her love you anymore than she does now.

"Cupcakes alone don't make a child love you and sex alone doesn't make a man love you."

If you are married and want your husband's affections, then show more excitement in the bedroom. Husbands love and need that. (Sex is a way of expressing love to men in committed relationships).

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If you have a husband who is crazy about you, do the same.

If you have a husband who seems like he's drifting away from you, you need to communicate about the relationship, not just get tarted up in some lingerie and hope that brings him back. He could be feeling like other areas besides the sex are the problem, and if that's true, sex with you will make him feel even more guilty and unsure.

If you are sleeping with a man who has not given you sexual exclusivity, than no amount of sex is going to make him love you. In fact, the opposite is more likely. If you can put your foot down and your boundaries up, and tell the man you love that he ain't gettin' the milk for free no more and needs to buy the cow, then you may make him feel like your price tag went up. This will make you more desirable. And if he just walks out the door because no-strings sex has become "stringy", then all the better that he left!

The best way to communicate your insecurities surrounding his feelings for you is to refrain from blame, judgment and criticism when you speak with him. You should also refrain from trying to illicit a certain result from the conversation. If he doesn't show interest in committing further to you, you have to resist the urge to "pull" him toward you by trying to convince him otherwise. Simply share your feelings and respect his feelings the way you hope he respects yours. What you CAN do is control YOUR life and keep your personal boundaries up. If he can't offer you security in the relationship, you have do what's best for you and be firm about sticking to your needs.

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If you are in a sexless marriage, you must be in despair. After all, you and your husband or wife couldn't keep your hands off one another before. But now, sex seems like a chore or is completely non-existent. Don't go rushing off and buying the next book or video on the best sexual positions. Those don't help because typically, in a sexless marriage, there are other issues or questions you need to ask before you can put the fizzle back in your bedroom, namely --

1. Are you expecting too much?
As you know, sex when you first met was hot. Understand that this is nature's way of bonding a man and a woman in the early stages of their relationship. Overtime, especially after marriage, the sex will evolve more into a comfortable intimacy. So, you do need to manage expectations about sex as the years go by.

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2. Have you let yourselves go?
Especially for men, sex needs visual triggering. So if either of you has let yourself go, exercising and dressing better can be a turn-on.

3. Have you made enough effort?
Marriage is hard work and that includes sex. With the stresses of everyday life, chances are you're not making enough time for each other. So plan a date night, have a great time and end it with something intimate.

4. Are there other underlying problems?
Oftentimes, a married couple avoids sex because there are other problems that make them grow apart. When you don't feel emotionally connected, you can't be physically connected. The solution in a sexless marriage is not always physical so do some research, look for books or websites that can help you solve problems your marriage might be having, and what you can do to make things fizzle again.

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Just like a fire with smoldering embers can flare up when they are stirred or fanned, emotions can flare up in our marriages if issues are left unresolved to smolder and fester.

Express Anger Respectfully

Many people are uncomfortable with expressing anger for fear that it will damage relationships. However, if feelings are buried, they don't go away, they just smolder and easily flame up.

It's critical to learn how to disagree respectfully and without attacking your spouse. If a safe environment is created for discussing feelings, it's much easier for the reticent spouse to have the courage to share from their heart and resolve any conflict.

Get Help For Serious Problems

Counseling keeps problems from escalating. If conflicts are not resolved early on, a couple may stew over these problems for years and this creates negative behavior patterns that become difficult to reverse.

Obtaining professional help sooner rather than later will reduce verbal sparring, poor or no communication and acting out.

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Expect To Get Along

If you expect to get along with your spouse, you will get along with your spouse. Talking respectfully and looking for creative solutions to the problems you face as a couple and as parents will go a long way in creating a strong and enduring marriage.

If you expect to have a confrontation, you will have a confrontation. If you expect to resolve a conflict with respect and love, you will resolve a conflict with respect and love. Expect the best from your spouse, and you'll get it.

As we express our anger respectfully, get professional help for serious marriage problems, and expect to get along, we will find our marriage growing instead of headed for the ash pile.

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As the unemployment rate continues to hover around 10% in the United States, many married couples find themselves in the unusual position of having the primary breadwinner in the household without a job. For couples who are already experiencing tensions in the marriages, this additional stress can prove to be too much. Problems that were lying just beneath the surface can suddenly become more pronounced. The lifestyle that had been enjoyed before the job loss may very well change as well; as couples are forced change their spending habits. There are also a lot of emotions that go along with losing a job: embarrassment, anger, worry and low self-esteem.

The following are the 5 keys for saving a marriage after a job loss and helping couples get back on firm financial footing:

1. You and your spouse need to be on the same page with a sound financial strategy. This will require you to meet with a financial advisor, who can help you assess your overall financial situation, establish a budget and develop a game plan to meet your objectives. You will be amazed at how much your confidence and self-esteem will increase when you have a plan. If you and your spouse have developed this plan together, you are both on the same page and this will reduce tension in the relationship. Plan your work and work your plan!

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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2. Make finding a full time job your full time job. Get up every morning at the same time you did when you were working. Shower and dress in business casual attire even if you will not be leaving the house. There have been studies done which indicated that people who are working from home are more productive and sound more professional on the phone if they are dressed in business attire. This also demonstrates to your spouse that you are serious about your job search and determined to make the most of it.

3. Networking is critical to finding employment. Studies have shown that as many as 60% of new jobs are not posted. They are either filled from within the company or in many cases through networking. Facebook and LinkedIn are great social networking tools to let people know you are seeking a job. The wider net you cast, the better your prospects are for finding a job.

4. Although a strong focus on finances and job search are critical, do not forget the importance of family time, both with your spouse as well as the children if you have any. Be sure you place a high priority on communication. You need to be confident and strong.

5. Take care of yourself. If you are not physically fit, now is a great time to start. A daily work out and a nutritious diet will make you feel better and you'll have great energy and confidence to meet the challenges ahead of you. Also, do not underestimate the value of spiritual fitness. Whether you derive your spirituality from prayer, church, meditation or all the above, a strong spirituality can literally transform your life in ways you never thought possible. And above all, be grateful for what you have. Millions of people would stand in line to trade places with you, so keep things in perspective.

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