My Wife Rejects My Affection: What Does It Mean When Your Wife Doesn't Show Affection

"Come on honey, it has been such a perfect night ... don't you think I am sexy?", "Listen, I am tired, let's just sleep ok." ... Does this sound familiar to you? For nearly 20% of marriages it does all year around as there is no physical intimacy in marriage for them just cold bed sheets, frustration, depression and humiliation as someone who was once their lover rejects them time and again leading to this terrible situation:

The Sexless Marriage

Sometimes this can be cured with a change in your relationship and how you communicate and approach sex that can bring out the primal instincts in men and women. Try the following to try to ignite some passion:

- If you are a man try to remember women take a lot longer than males to get aroused and if they are not in the right emotional state of mind it will not happen at all. Try being a romantic with baths, massages, candles, and a nice cooked meal. Make then feel like a princess for a night and it can stir the fires of passion once more.

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- If you are a woman remember men like to feel like kings when it comes to sex. While men are lampooned as simple when it comes to sex their emotive state is very important if their sex drives seems to have gone out, make sure they know they are masculine to you and powerful. Praise them and make them feel appreciated for their hard work in life and the bedroom and you can start their testosterone pumping again.

- If this sounds all to familiar and has not worked for you before the problem may be a lot deeper and a lower sex drive may not cured by simple gestures and words, instead the lack of physical intimacy in marriage may be caused by some emotional or psychological problem that you may not even know about. In this case a level of sensitivity, compassion and communication is needed to discover and fix this underlying problem.

- With either of the above methods there is one thing you must never do lest it make situations worse and that is trying to force the issue, becoming angry and aggressive or petulant and sulky will simply make communication impossible and make damage things further so that you will close off the possibility of reconciliation and a resolutions to a sexless relationship.

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Of all the stressors that can cause a marriage to break, sex and finances are the most commonly cited as being the "straw that broke the camel's back". While this article isn't going to tell you how to deal with the financial strains in your relationship, it is going to talk about how to fix a sexless marriage.

If your relationship seems to end at the bedroom door, you're not alone. One in five married couples no longer regularly have sex; they have sex less than once per month. If this description applies to you, you are in a sexless marriage.

The physical intimacy shared during sexual intercourse is vital to the health and well-being of a marriage. If the physical communication has stopped or stagnated, you can be sure that there is a problem somewhere else in the marital bond. That fundamental connection with your partner is gone, and this is usually indicative of deep trouble somewhere. The question is - where?

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First of all, be willing to talk with your partner about the issue at hand. If you're the partner who is desiring more intimacy, tell your spouse so. Let them know that you need that connection with them. If you're the partner who is having difficulty tuning in in the bedroom, you need to figure out why you're no longer desiring that intimacy, and why. Are there physical problems that need to be addressed with a medical professional, or are there self-esteem issues that you need to deal with? Are you angry or frustrated with issues outside of your marriage, and that's taking a toll on your energy and libido? Are you angry with your spouse, and what about? All these questions need to be addressed and answered before you can get to the root cause of a sexless marriage, let alone fix a sexless marriage.

The longer you wait to deal with the issue, the more of an issue it's going to become. While it might seem embarrassing, you need to talk about the problem, and you might need to talk about it with a professional. There is hope for a sexless marriage - you just have to be willing to do the work.

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If you need Sexless marriage help then you are probably a very frustrated, angry and miserable person who is one part of a sexless couple. This is not a life sentence though and it does not need to end in celibacy or in divorce because you can deal with a sexless relationship and come out on top.

The first bit of help for a marriage without sex I can offer is that like love making it "takes two to tango". What I mean by this is that both you and your spouse need to own up to some responsibility to the current state of events. Do not blame yourself completely and also do not blame your partner for the entire unhappy marriage.

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The second bit of sexless marriage advice I would like to impart is that you should start out slowly in your efforts to bring back passion and intimacy in your marriage. Rushing like a bull at a gate will be off-putting to your partner and in a strained sexual relationship like yours this will only push them further away. Instead you must start slowly and build up from there.

Need more help for loveless marriages? Ok, while communication is the absolute most essential thing you need to do to fix your marriage it is not the first thing you need to do. Putting your partner in the right headspace to be able to talk about these things clearly and without resentment or anger creeping in is the foundation of solving relationship problems of this sort. Actions speak louder than words is suppose is the sexless marriage help I want to impart at least at first...

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They say every marriage that is on the rocks, where the question of how to stop divorce is top-most in the minds of the couple involved, is easy to spot. The couple hardly speaks, looks miserable together, and would rather spend time with the neighborhood bum than go home. So when it's this bad, how to stop divorce from rearing its ugly head? The two most immediate and urgent things to do if you find yourself in this spot are--

1. Face The Fact

Avoiding it won't help. Neither will denying it. Your only chance to save a marriage in trouble is to face it head-on. Acknowledge you're heading for divorce and decide to admit it. Denial will only make the problem fester and grow while the two of you go about your lives believing all is well.

2. Do Something About It

Do something about it. Anything, raise it with your husband or wife. Scream for help from your close friends. Get over the inertia and the momentum going. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. Doing nothing results in nothing and a failed marriage for sure. Working together with your spouse is the best possible way, but you can even save a marriage alone if you know how. Find out how if you don't know how.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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