SELF-HELP represents a nearly $10 billion per year business, according to Marketdata Enterprises, with categories ranging from diet and exercise to self-esteem and assertiveness training. Are you a struggling sales professional looking for a career boost? There are hundreds of books just for you! Does your relationship need rejuvenation? There are countless books, audio programs and workshops tailor-made for that category. Personal finances got you down? A brief glance through the infomercials on late night television will offer you plenty of options from which to choose. It seems that for most every challenge in life there is a self-help solution. For millions of us, the question remains: does self-help work?

If you could solve a major life challenge, such as poor self-esteem, by following the sage wisdom of an expert, it would be worth investing a certain amount of time, money and dedication toward the completion of your training. Would it be worth $10? Would it be worth $1,000? Only you can make that determination, but wouldn't it be easier if self-help came with a meter that proved its effectiveness each time you used it? In my private practice I teach Novanetics™ techniques that prove themselves with each use. It isn't about proving the effectiveness of the methods; we already enjoy a very high success rate. I do it because "belief" is a crucial element in the effectiveness of any worthwhile self-help system.

The mind will only tolerate as much change and growth as it believes and accepts. Any attempt to force your mind into accepting something beyond its capacity to believe will result in rejection and change-resistance. Just try an experiment with me and you will see what I mean. Take a deep breath. Now tell yourself that you are a multimillionaire. Repeat this statement ten times. Unless you are a multimillionaire chances are that you had some uneasy thought or feeling come to mind as you said it. This is a sign of change-resistance, or underlying mental conflicts between your present reality and your ideal self. The reason why self-help fails to work for millions of disgruntled people has little to do with self-help, but rather because of the presence of change-resistance.

Self-help is really about defining ideal changes you would like to experience in life, and then marshaling the skills, belief and resources to successfully implement those well-defined plans. The change-resistant mind can never adopt self-help techniques because they make demands on the mind to change. At the unconsciousness level of thinking the change-resistant person hesitates to take deliberate action toward achieving success. Here we begin to understand the person for whom self-help books just never seem to work. The skeptic; the cynic. Yes, they have every right to complain, for they have not seen results. Luckily there is a better way!

Novanetics™ is a philosophy of mind that enables you to break free from the prison of change-resistance that unfairly holds you back from enjoying the abundant riches of life. Change IS possible when you first prepare the mind to eliminate change-resistance and encourage rapid personal growth. It sets the Law of Attraction into action and unleashes powerful forces for lasting change and personal satisfaction. Once your mind is free from change-resistance your are able to choose your course in life; set your own limits, and then break them.

Think of life like a foot race. As each of us reaches adulthood we are given the signal to start running for the finish line of success. Some sprint ahead, while many plod along aimlessly. Some never get out of the starter blocks. What these people do not realize is that many of them are unfairly tugging away at massive one hundred pound lead weights securely attached to their ankles. How many races can you win when encumbered by an extra one hundred pounds tied around your leg? These one hundred pound weights that make the foot race of life seem unfair are nothing more than "change-resistance". You can snip away at each link, one by one, tugging and pulling, feeling more and more frustrated while others breeze by you, or you can break the chains once and for all.

Get your FREE copy of "Mystery of the Ages", available online at Inside you will discover exactly how to start eliminating change-resistance, and best of all it will prove itself to you time and time again. Self-help works. clear your mind of all change-resistance and self-help books can start to work for you, too.

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Starting out as a poor farm boy, Douglas Myrick has risen in the field of personal development to become an accomplished speaker, writer and transformational coach, offering highly-specialized instruction to thousands of people, annually. The founder of Novanetics™, Mr. Myrick enjoys drawing inspiration from the great works of the past on his mission to help millions of people to break free from change-resistance. A champion for the cause of self-help, he devotes time each week to the research, development and testing of new and innovative Novanetics™ techniques.

In his clinic, he enjoys an unprecedented 98% success rate, teaching people how to rekindle lost passion, release guilt and suffering, boost sales results, find their life's purpose, ignite the flames of desire, set free old hurts and emotional scars from the past, move past previous trauma, and find the motivation they need to achieve more in less time. Contact him online through his website: