You may have heard this many times - make short notes while preparing for any competitive exams. The students are encouraged to keep notes of important subjects, topics, and concepts right from the beginning. A good study-note can make your revision process fast and easy.

These short mppsc notes come handy when during the last weeks of preparation for the exam. Self-prepared mppsc study notes help you prepare for your next paper in a short time as it contains all the important points for revision for the paper.

How to prepare short mppsc notes?

You should prepare mppsc study notes daily from lectures in class or from reading helpful books. A good study notes will make the revision process fast and easy, at the same time, it may help you in getting high marks in your exam.
A good mppsc note should be easy to understand and learn. It should save your time, and at the same time, should contain all the important ideas of the book. The notes should be in a proper sequence as per the exam schedule. Your study note should have collective extracts from many books so that you don’t need to read many books.

Here are tips that will help you prepare a good mppsc notes for revision:

1. Always carry a pen and paper to the classroom so that you can note down all the important points mentioned by your teacher.
2. Be attentive in the class as sometimes your teacher may share the information which may not be mentioned in your course books. Note down those points they will give you helpful information in addition to what is in the book.
3. Write down all the jargons, terminologies, important definitions, and their meaning/explanations for quick reference.
4. When you study your coursebook, guide or even on the internet, first understand the concept and then write down the important ideas you learned from it in a separate notebook to prepare your study notes.
5. Write down all important terminologies, definitions, step-wise explanations to make your study notes more useful.
6. Your study notes should be concise for quick revision. Use paragraphs with heading, points or table and diagrams to give proper shape to collected ideas for making good study notes.
7. Your handwritten study notes should be clear and concise to make it easily readable in future.

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