Pennsylvania crime statistics in 2016 show that 1 in 316 residents are at risk of being a violence victim and 1 in 57 homeowners in Pennsylvania can be a victim of a property crime. Most burglaries take place during the day between 10 am, in morning, to 3 pm in the afternoon. This is a time when most of the homeowners are busy with their routine tasks. Leaving your entry/exit doors unlocked gives an open invitation to burglars to break-in.

Here are some of the tips given by experts to make your home more secure than ever in Pennsylvania:

1.Protect your Open Areas
Open areas of your home are a direct invitation to convicted criminals. Never let them exploit these areas of your territory. Keep your windows and doors shut, particularly, if you are not at home. Install a motion detector at places where you feel a burglar may intrude easily, particularly in your balcony, terrace and backyard area. This would ensure these places remain protected from bad guys 24/7. Modern motion detectors are based on PIR technology that does not trigger false alarms caused by pets, and gives you peace of mind.

2.Never Allow Strangers
It is an admirable habit to become friends with everyone. But this can also prove to be a weakness if this causes harm to you or your family. So, keep away from strangers. Never befriend everyone while traveling. Never allow them to visit your home without need. Before opening your door, always check who it is through your doorbell camera. New doorbell cameras offer live video streaming and also allow you to talk with your guests through your smartphone. Rely on your doorbell camera than relying on strangers roaming around your home for vile purposes.

3.Think about Complete Peace of Mind
When it comes to home and family security, you need to use techniques that can ensure peace of mind and can promise you 100% protection. What’s more reliable than modern wireless home security systems? Security alarm systems in Pennsylvania offer comprehensive packages to homeowners. From doors to windows, and indoors to your outdoor, gets secure by installing novel devices offered by modern alarm companies. They offer a variety of sensors that help trigger the loud alarm system, in case of any emergency. The expert monitoring team takes notice of the emergency situation within no time and dispatches local first responders at your doorstep before it is too late.

Alarm companies provide monthly packages with free installation and activation services. Not only home security, they also guarantee you safety from environmental hazards.

So, if you are concerned about the security of your property and loved ones, and want to avoid any situation that can cost you losing your peace of mind, then get the monitored alarm for your home and enjoy its services today.

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Michael Harris

A security specialist

I love acknowledging about home security alarm systems and products for the sake of better good to as many people as I can. Blogs and articles that I have written serve the #1 goal: Help to protect by literally spreading the word.