A lot of people have made money online writing eBooks or electronic books. You can do the same as well. Think writing is the last thing you think you can do and that you’ll never be caught dead doing that sort of stuff, think again. You can make your own eBook.

Let me tell you it’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, you may find it not only entertaining, but also something that you would love to do. Let me show you how it’s done. First, think of the things that you are passionate about, something that you would love to write about and share with others.

Use the Google keyword tool to check whether other people are also checking on the same word(s) as you. Just make sure that there are actual searches for these keywords to ensure that you will get results showing people who are looking for the same thing. If you use a keyword that no one is looking or using for then it may mean no one is interested in your future eBook.

After you have chosen your passion and checked to make sure if it would be in demand, then it’s time to start on the content. Start with a specific topic that you know how to talk about—research to get more ideas. The easiest ones to do are the so called “how to” topics wherein you outline the steps and explain how things are or should be done.

For example, let’s say you love dogs and you feel you are knowledgeable about their care, then you can write a how to eBook about the proper care of a specific breed of dog. If you have a pet dog, then use its breed as the guide. The eBook doesn’t have to be a novel, about sixty to seventy pages of content will do.

Arrange the content in such a way that it would be pleasing to your reader’s eyes. Keep the paragraphs short—minimum of four sentences is advisable. Mix things up by varying the length of your paragraphs to change the pace of your readers. Readers tend to get bored easily if they feel they are reading cookie cutter length content in your eBook.

Give it some pizzazz—add pictures. Remember as kids we won’t read anything that has no pictures. Well tell you what, adults are the same way, we just pretend we’re not. Just make sure the pictures are relevant to the subject. If you’re using pictures that are not your own make sure you have the proper permissions from their respective owners.

Copyright infringement is such a downer, especially if you’re in the receiving end of a complaint. To prevent others from copying your work and capitalize on your sweat and tears make sure you are using a special program for your eBook that would securely lock it. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but you and I know that we all do that.

Thus the design of your eBook’s cover is of greatest important. First impressions count, and more so in online marketing. The cover must speak volumes for your content—this is what people see first. Lastly, offer your product at reasonable price. While you may feel your eBook is worth $200, no one may buy it at that price, especially if they see that you’re a new author and haven’t made a reputation for yourself yet.

They may buy it at that price once they see you as credible but until then, don’t overprice it. It’s not really that difficult to make your own eBook. As long as you have the passion, the persistence, and the patience you’ll be churning those eBooks out in no time.

The first step comes from you—so start now.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Menno just released a new video series on how to Explore Profitable Niches.