Do you want to make your wedding eco-friendly? If your answer to this question is a YES, read on and you will know how to have a green wedding.

Wedding Dress

There are a few ways to make your gown eco-friendly. You can consider getting a used gown. This is a way to make your dress green. Without any surprise, you may want to purchase a new gown. In this case, you can choose one which is made from organic silk. You can even donate your dress after your wedding. Alternatively, you can transform it to something useful if you do not want to donate the gown. For example, you can transform the dress so that it will become a baby blanket. This can be something useful when you have a baby later.

Wedding Flowers

There are always energy footprints when you order something overseas. It is because a lot of energy is needed for transportation. As a result, you should go for flowers which are grown locally. You should also opt for organic flowers. You should consider the idea of reusing the flowers. This means that you can first of all use them to decorate your ceremony venue. The same flowers can then be used to make the centerpieces in your reception. Using silk flowers is also an option. They can be reused again and again. This will be an eco-friendly option.

Wedding Invitations

You need to consider the quantity you are going to order. Make sure that you will not order too many cards. Otherwise it will be a waste of paper. When you choose the paper, you should go for recycled paper. It can also be a good idea if you can choose 100% cotton paper. The ink is also something you should consider. Printing the cards with soy ink will be greener. When it comes to the save the date cards, you may not want to order them. Instead, you can send email to your invitees. This will help you to save some paper.


You should never order too much food. It will only be a waste. You need to know the number of guests to this end. It will be good if your guests can finish all the food in your reception. After your event, you can donate the foods to your local food bank. You can discuss with the caterer beforehand so that you can make necessary arrangement after the reception.


Go for materials that can be reused. You should rent the decoration materials instead of purchasing them. You may use a lot of fabric in order to decorate the venue. It will be a waste if you only use them once. This is why renting them is always a better idea.

Wedding Cake

You need to choose a cake which is made from organic ingredients. You have to discuss with your cake designer. If you need pillars, you should rent them instead of buying them. Again, you should not create a cake which is too big. It will also be a waste of food if your guests cannot finish the cake!

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