How to meet women: A step by step guide
Most guys I know can't find a decent woman to save their life. They have nothing to live for in my opinion. If seducing a good looking women isn't the goal of your 20's or 30's go to the doctor and check to see if your balls are still functioning. Sexual desire is what has motivated men of the world to their stroke of genius. Check out Satoshi Kanazawa the evolutionary psychologist if you don't believe me. I get asked how I meet women quite a bit here in San Diego and it has nothing to do with my involvement in nightlife. It has to do with my method. Instead of reading some book that wastes more of your time and confuses you, please just follow my step by step outline and watch your life improve. When it does I'd love to here about it.
Step One: Get a promotional item or icebreaker such as a drink.
Hand it to a girl any girl anywhere and introduce yourself. This step seems easy but somehow it’s routinely the hardest. Does this to a hot girl, fat girl, and thin girl whatever just makes sure it’s a girl. Now the item will either be accepted or rejected. Don't take this as personal. If it’s a drink that cost you 10 dollars and you make 40 an hour you basically wasted a meaningless portion of your life anyway; get the fuck over it and move on.
Now why'd I say give the drink to an un-attractive girl or fat girl, well there are a lot of reasons but most importantly it puts you in contact with girls. Now you see every dumb ugly fat friend (DUFF) has an attractive female counterpart. This is due to the fact that fatties like having a hot gf to make them feel better about themself and hotties like a girl they can look down on. Women are referral based and don't judge you based on looks as much as you'd probably think. If you can break ice with any girl and she becomes your friend you can always ask for her recommendation to one of her hot friends that she inevitably has in her lead database. Now see if you don't follow this step the way I have described and ask out some "mega-hottie" you will probably end up getting turned down because fact is even if you are ridiculously attractive or rich it's always good to have a nice army of female friends as a way to announce to other girls that they are not some creepy serial killer and to get referrals.
Step Two: Every 20-40 minutes ask for a phone number and move on
Most of these lonely fuckers at bars and clubs meet someone and keep talking. Here the objective is to just get the contact. You’re not looking to hook up, talk about work, or talk about how you’re really sensitive. Don't break these rules and think that you are going to slay some pussy by having an endless conversation and racking up an insane bar tab. Generally you won't, and if you are following "Step One" you might be talking to someone un-attractive anyway. Instead of wasting your money and time you need to focus on building your phone number, email, or Facebook database. After you've gotten the contact information make some excuse and move on and get more. If you are in an area like San Diego, with many bars or clubs you can easily get over 20 contacts on one night out. At this point in the method, you are just trying to gather contacts, and establish some good rapport with women without giving them enough information to make a decision on whether they like you.
Step 3: Make your calls, texts or Facebook messages
Well the good news is you should have a shitload of contacts now but let them cool off until the weekday. Assuming you have a job that is Monday through Friday you should have been getting your contact database settled on Friday or Saturday. If you don't have a normal mon-fri job please refer to my post on the top clubs by night to find out when and where you should be out to increase your chances of building a worthy contact database.
When most guys get a number they start instantly blowing up the girl’s phone in hopes of making contact but this method will lead most girls to believe you are a creep. That 2am text to a woman doesn't say anything else but you are a lonely pervert who didn't get laid that night. Believe it or not Sunday-Thursday most women spend their evenings doing generally the same shit such as watching TV, surfing the internet, and eating dinner that the rest of the billions of us do on earth. Now I promise you, unless you have found some way to photo synthetically sustain yourself, both you and your lucky lady will eat dinner at generally the same time.
Since you eat food for dinner and she eats food for dinner, you have something in common. Dinner is also a time where she can actually get to know you and there are enough people where if you are some sort of creeper she can ensure an easy getaway. Weekends should generally be reserved for getting numbers: this is due to the increased amount of women out and about, the fact that your woman's weekday availability should be open, and its easier to get restaurant reservations during the week. Now let her tell you what type of foods she is interested in and instead of letting her select the spot, use one of my top restaurant picks and just let her select the cuisine (unless you don't live in San Diego, then do some research for your city). You don't want this girl thinking that you have bad taste or are not used to going to dinner with women and you don't want her choosing because its better to be sure you can actually get reservations and you personally like the food. There's nothing worse than going on a date in BFE and feeling like you have to vomit.
Step 4: Always be closing whatever your objective is out of this date you have made it this far.
Even if you shit your pants you've accomplished what would take most men much more time, effort, and money. There are many different techniques you can use to move forward which I will save for a later post but you want one of two scenarios to happen. Either you continue on with this girl or at least move into friend zone so you can ask for a referral by her to one of her friends that are better suited to your liking. You can usually feel if it’s working out early on or not but if you establish good rapport at minimum you should get a decent referral out of the experience. If you do revert back to step 2 and see if this new contact works out.

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