"... And with Love many of us are here, around you, because we feel your great desire and we see your great need, of Our Love, of Our Light.
Love brings everything to the heart, Love brings everything from the heart, and it is this heart that you must always hear, hear, and hear.
And it is this heart that must be cleaned daily, healed daily, filled with Light daily, nourished with Love.
To fuse everything you need a lot of heat, a very strong heat, and this heat in the heart has only one source: Love.
A pure Love, a joyous Love, a Love that is detached, even if it unites.
Merging changes the shape, molds, and your Souls will be modified, molded by Us, to be ready to go into the New World.
This is why fusion is essential.
We ask you for a strong, great Love, and this must be continually intensified by expressions that are more and more frequent, continuous, because you fear the great, strong, intense Love, even if you need it very much.
We can neither act nor feel for you, but we can help you, reassuring you that the Love you will know will not create any suffering.
And it exists, it exists, and it is huge, it is a Love that takes away the attention from one's being, to bring attention to the whole Being, inside and outside of you.
It is a Love that opens up to give everything, opens up to receive everything, it is a Love that makes you see, makes you feel, only Souls, Souls on a Path.
So, see yourselves as Souls with so much, so much Light, and do everything that that Light can be, it can make things shine, and do everything that that Light can intensify.
It is as if, with a torch, you continued to feed the great fire that is in everyone, bringing all the brightness, all of it.
So, in everyone, see a fire that you can feed, enlarge, a Light that you can intensify.
And the Light must be loved, respected, raised, carried to a point where it can illuminate more.
There must be no expressions if not of Love, if not to raise this Light even higher, if not to intensify this Light even more, if not to enhance this Light.
And when the Light illuminates a part to be illuminated, there must be a loving expression, like Our expression, and you can say:
- Here together we can bring more Light, together we can illuminate even more, we can raise even higher -.
If you do not pass through a New Love, pure, detached, but intense, that in the pure hearts, not obscured by the mind, exists, you cannot think of merging the Souls, because the Souls fuse, like everything else, through heat, through Light.
And this Light We give you, and this warmth you must create.
This is transcending a Love that has created suffering, this is extending a hand towards a Love that gives everything, that calms everything, that enlightens everything.
Be attentive, very solicitous in this, because already more awaits you for your Souls to raise, fuse, elevate. "


You can look at a flower and rejoice for its beauty.
You can observe a flower and discover its fragrance.
You can love a flower and satisfy your heart.
You can take care of a flower: you will feel that your Essence will merge with its Essence.
And this will happen with all of Creation, with each of its Creatures, with every Living Being.
Whenever you love, respect, nurture someone, take care of his body, his heart, his Soul, you will participate in his elevation and through elevation the Souls will merge, they will evolve in the New Love, for the New World.

Author: Satya


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Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.