Just how important are happy employees to the overall success of a company? Many small and large companies alike are so busy in their day to day activities they overlook the bigger picture to their long term success and survival. In many industries employees have turned from a valuable asset into a revolving door of new hires. Many times the employees are blamed for lack of production or effort on the job. But how much blame should go on the employee, and how much on the organization?

This generation of working class people is far different from those of the past. Many in the past were self motivated. Having to grow up in the post depression era created a hard working mindset that needed no motivation from outside sources. With most of those people retiring from their jobs it pushes in the younger generations to replace them. These younger generations grew up having much more given to them, and thus need to be motivated from outside sources. When achievements are met, these people want to be handed something to show off to others proclaiming their success to all.

Corporations are vastly behind in this understanding because many of those in charge do not understand the younger generations. Now there is nothing wrong with their way of thinking, but in order to recognize their employees they have to understand where the younger generation of workers has come from. These people don’t want to simply be handed a gift card as a thank you for a job well done, they want to be recognized in front of their peers. These people want to be handed something that they can show off to others as a sign of their accomplishments.

One way of thought for these upcoming younger workers we must understand is their importance to be viewed in high regard with their peers. Once they leave that ceremony recognizing them for their achievements they want to carry off something that reminds them and others of what a great job they have done. Instead of handing out gift cards why not purchase a crystal or marble recognition award? Not only will employees be satisfied in their accomplishments, but now they get to show off their award for the rest of their lives to others. Nothing shows off a job well done more than an elegant crystal award or heavy duty marble award.

What this does for companies is create a friendly competition. When one employee sees a peer with an awesome looking award front and center in their office they want one as well. In order to get recognized they know the hard work they have to put forth to get the attention of others. But because of that need to fit in and be seen in high regard with their peers, it pushes them to get to that next level. Recognizing the achievements and service of employees can go a long way in building up and promoting your business.

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