According to research by cloud communication platform Twilio, 90% of Chief Technology Officers and Senior IT Managers at software development companies in the UK believe that the role of software developers is essential to compete in the industry. But from a programmer productivity perspective, what is important is how much functional code has been developed, tested, secured, managed, and implemented.

The majority of software developers have been forced to work remotely since the covid-19 pandemic. Remote working can have adverse effects on the team morale and may lead to a decline in productivity. The pressure to develop new software will continue to mount, as innovation will be pivotal in adapting to the transforming market dynamics. Businesses can partner with software development companies in the UK to develop bespoke solutions and gather details on how best to manage in-house software development teams.

On a similar note, this post will outline the steps team leads, and senior IT managers can take to manage custom software development teams remotely.

Clarify employee roles and team objectives

It is imperative that everyone in a software development agency understands their roles and the team objectives. Clarifying goals helps developers understand that they can turn to their colleagues whenever they have an issue to discuss instead of their team leads or senior managers. This practice increases communication and helps keep all members of the team engaged.

Regular Meetings

Scheduling regular meetings helps team members working remotely to stay on the same page. It also helps teams develop a rhythm of work which allows everyone to stay focused on the team goals. Many developers working remotely make it a point to ask questions about the remote working model in regular meetings so that everyone on the team has everything they need to do the work in the new way. There are stellar tools available for holding such meetings with online whiteboards and project management features, meaning it is easier to steer knowledge transfer and team management.

Focusing On Communication

Communication is vital, especially in remote teams. Teams should not rely just on emails for communication. Instead, they should use apps with group chats features and video/audio calls to figure things out faster. Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and WebEx, are great for employees to interact and collaborate. Interacting via video calls builds trust and boosts teamwork.

Custom software development for businesses is challenging since ensuring efficiency in managing teams is difficult to achieve. Deploy the tips outlined in the post to steer practices for developing bespoke solutions to your unique business problems.

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Alisha hill is a freelance writer cum blogger.