Are you feeling anxious, worried, and confused as to what wedding gift you should choose out of all the options available in front of you? While writing a cheque for the newlywed or picking just about any wedding present that comes your way seems easy, it might not really be exactly what you should be doing when making such a crucial decision. There are a lot of things and parameters that you have to remember to ensure that you wouldn’t be ruining the special occasion for the bride and the groom.
Here are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect wedding gift.
Know What Your Budget Can Afford
Is one of your dear friend is getting married but you are only six months old working at your very first job after completing graduation from college? Did you recently move to a new apartment and spent most of your savings for the lease? If you have this kind of expenses, you probably have a little less than what you can spend. With this being said, looking for the perfect wedding gift all starts with knowing and setting your budget. If you have enough budget, then by all means, be more generous. But if you don’t, you can always look for an affordable but great wedding gift.
Level of Closeness with the Couple
It might be wise to avoid spending the same amount on your sibling or best friend’s wedding as you would on a couple who sent you an invitation out of the blue. If you know the bride and the groom better, you can fork out some cash, but if you are not that close with the couple, don’t be guilty if you spend a little bit less.
What the Couple Gave You for Your Own Wedding
This is applicable if you have been married yourself and you invited the couple over. If they attended your wedding, it would be great if you can make a rough match of the gift they gave so there will be no hurt feelings. Give them something more or less, and you risk offending the couple.
The Area’s Norm
The amount you spend on a wedding gift for a couple who will hold their wedding in a small town in the outskirts of Oklahoma is definitely far different from the average amount you will spend for a wedding in New York City. You have to consider both your locale and the area of where the wedding is held.
How Many People Will be Represented by the Gift
If you will bring your kids or another guest, your gift must reflect this. There is no need to exactly double the regular amount but you need to spend a bigger amount than you would if you will attend the wedding on your own.
These are only some of the many parameters you have to keep in mind to ensure that your wedding gift will bring joy and not remorse to the couple.

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