Do you know what to do during the day? Would you like to have a simple step by step method so you can plan your day? And execute the things that you need to get done each day without feeling that sense of overwhelm, stress, and like you’re drowning in too many things to do? Well, today I’m gonna give you some of my favorite tips that you can do right now starting today so you can start planning your day easier and take action to the things you need to do without overwhelm.

Tell me, what’s your number one question about your daily planning? What’s your number one question about getting out of overwhelm?

Now, let’s talk about planning your day to set a schedule and create progress without overwhelm.
What is overwhelm and what causes overwhelm?

Well, there’s a lot of causes of overwhelm. Are you overwhelmed? Maybe not every single day but certainly, sometimes. I mean we all face that, right? So basically, overwhelm is that feeling of “Oh my gosh, I have too much to do and too little time.” See how people talk about time management. But guess what, time management is a complete myth. There’s no such thing as time management but there is behavior management which you could also say “action management”. --- meaning there are only three things that you and I, as human beings, can control. What we think, what we say, and what we do. That’s all we can do. We can only control those three things.

What we think - What are the thoughts that are going through our heads?

What we say - What are the words coming out of our mouth?

What we do - What are the actions that we do every single day?

“Well Noah, I’m so busy all the time.” Meanwhile, you’re spending 4 or 5 or 6 hours watching TV from morning to night which the average American does. The average American watches anywhere between 4-6 hours of TV every single day. Of course, that is based on your age group. The younger that you are, the less TV you watch because you were raised with these digital things called a phone. So, you were raised with that so this is your new screen, this is your new TV for those of you who are under the age of 30. Those of you who are 30 above, you’re probably used to watching the big screen TV. Again, it depends. But the point being is what this means to you is, do you really not have the time? Or is it much more of the function of you not organizing and prioritizing the things that you have to do each day? There are hundreds of reasons why tracking your daily activities and making the most out of your time will truly benefit you. You have to have the right intention so you can simply grow and accomplish your goals.

Now, I know that this is not really sexy. All the sexy things are when you have the Lambo, got thousands of dollars to spend on fancy stuff, and all the social media so-called influencers show you on their post. But, what they don’t show you is the bottom part of the iceberg. The bottom part of the iceberg is all steps seen below the surface.
Plan Your Day Tip #1: Plan Your Month

The first thing you do to plan your day without feeling overwhelmed is, what I recommend is you start with, believe it or not, get a pen and paper and start planning by the month "Wait a minute, I thought you were talking about your daily planning?" Of course, I’m still talking about how to plan your day out. We live our lives in days but guess what, what is so important for you to realize that there is a business hour as an entrepreneur or even as an executive. Someone who is a leader, a thought leader, maybe you’re a coach, maybe you’re a consultant, maybe you’re an author, a speaker, maybe you are a chiropractor, maybe you’re a network marketer, maybe you’re a health professional. Anyone who has an understanding of productivity, you wanna see the time is being well spent and you are getting every turn on that investment at the time. Remember what Ben Franklin said, “Time is money.” So when you’re investing time, you are really investing money. It’s the same thing. They are interchangeable. So my point is, what this means for you is, I want you to take action, follow the process, and start the monthly approach to your planner.

What I like to do at the beginning of every month, and really what I do is at the end of the previous month. Let’s say we’re coming up to the end of November, right that’s the month coming up here, the time that is recording. So, coming to the end of November, on the last day of the month, you write down all the things you have accomplished the previous month and then you make a list of the things you want to do in this coming month. Of course, I’m also gonna be talking in future videos about long term planning and goal setting, and goal achievement for the long term. But for right now, let’s just look at your day. We have to break it down by “See here’s the tasks I want to get done in a month”. Let’s say you want to get 10 things done this month, now you don’t want to probably get thousands of things to accomplish right away. Let’s just say you want to get 10 things done this month.

So, what’s the number one priority? What’s the biggest thing that’s gonna move the needle for you the greatest amount, the fastest? What’s that one thing you feel more confident to start? Maybe it’s two. Write your book? Maybe watch an online course? Maybe it’s to launch your first online sales funnel? Maybe it’s to get more traffic from organic social media? Maybe it’s to start your first ad campaign? Whatever it might be and there’s a lot of things you can do, of course.

But what should you be doing? Where do you want to focus your time, money, and effort? That’s the first thing you need to do. You break it down by the month and then from the month, review and focus on the weekly plan. So this week, I want to get these activities done. Then from that list, you break it down by the day. So that’s what I do, I work by following the steps backward; from the big goals that I want to accomplish on my monthly tasks, and then what do I want to get done this week, and then tackle what I want to achieve today. That’s your first important task, sort of organizing your head and wrapping your head around all these sorts of massive things that may be floating around in there.
Plan Your Day Tip #2: Start Using Free Apps or Tools

Now, the second thing that I recommend to my coaching clients that you can start doing right away is to start using a free app or tools that are readily available. My favorite tool for planning is Google Calendar. That’s a free plug-in, that’s a free platform and it's popular. It’s Google. I use Chrome as my browser. You want to put it on your calendar on purpose. You want to schedule the time for appointments or meetings, including your personal routine. What I’d like to say is you want to use blocks of time so you put that on your calendar. Take time blocking as a key to maximize your productive sessions. Let’s say you want your first or next sales funnel. Well, that’s not gonna take 15 minutes. It might take several days or weeks either but it doesn’t need to take months especially if you’re following my strategy, the Funnel Income Secrets framework. It'll just be quick.

You can get that done literally in 8 weeks or less if you follow what I show you. But my point is, a lot of people are thinking about it, we’re talking about it, dreaming about it for even months or years and we still haven’t got that done. When you follow my Funnel Income Secrets framework, you need that done in 8 weeks less. But my point is what are you going to get done this week? Block that out of your calendar! Maybe you have to keep track of your tasks and redo some research.

Maybe start our mornings with paper and pen. Maybe you have to write down notes to remember your agendas for the day. Maybe you have to organize your thoughts and choose a method that works. Maybe you have to take a look at your list often to feel more confident and encourage you to be productive in life. What could that be? That’s not gonna take 5 or 10 minutes. It’s gonna take whatever it is, a block of what you say 90 minutes. So you put that on your calendar, and you give yourself that room, that space. Right now, you should be breathing. And I hope you’re saying, “ Oh wow! This task actually sounds pretty easy.” It is pretty easy and you have to feel more confident doing it. You don’t have to work so hard to better understand that these simple tips are adding more value to your time. Avoid overwhelming by canceling out unimportant tasks. Remember to take your mind and body out for a break, too. So that’s the second point!
Plan Your Day Tip #3 : Don’t Multitask

The third point I want to make is you got to make sure that you don’t multitask. Do not multitask. A good friend of mine, Dave Crenshaw, has written a book called "The Myth of Multitasking". There’s no such thing as multitasking. All there is, what he calls “switch-tasking”. Let’s say if I’m talking to you right now, and all of a sudden my friends say “ Oh, I’m gonna go”, then I’m trying to switch back and forth between a phone call and talking to you. What you see is now my brain is completely scattered and lost my train of thoughts and it’s just a mess. Experts have shown that there is no such thing, you can't do two completely different tasks at the same time. Multitasking is a myth. All it does is lower your productivity so you get less done in more time which is exactly the opposite of what we want. We want to get more done in less time, be more efficient and effective. So, don’t multitask.

Let’s say you’re focused on the most important task, maybe it’s research for that 90 minutes. Then, focus on the research. Don’t turn off your timer and go “Hmmm well, research for about 5 minutes. What’s on Instagram? What’s on Facebook? Who’s trending on Twitter?” People ask me all the time: “How have you written 15 books?” I just recently published my 15th book called Power Habits®: The New Science for Making Success Automatic. You can get this at Or my other recent book which is called Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money. You can get this book at It’s free, just cover the shipping.

People ask me all the time: “How have you written all these books? I answer by saying, “I’m writing them, by focusing, by eliminating distractions.” Is it easy? No. Is it sexy? No. But, fifteen books later, it’s pretty, pretty awesome. The results matter and it speaks for themselves. That’s what I want you to do starting right now today, manage all your tasks, and take advantage of all the time that you have. All of you can do this. What happens is I was just talking about Funnel Income Secrets. So let’s say you want to build your first or your next sales funnel. So here it is right here: “In every 8 weeks, I work a financial miracle for 37 people and I’m inviting you to be the next even if you don’t know where to start and don’t have a big list right now!” All of you can do this! Do this but of course, it takes focused effort to see the outcome. But you also have to have the framework of how to do it. You have to set your priorities deliberately and make this planning a habit. Set your goals, create a schedule, prioritize what's urgent, cross off items on your list, and achieve whatever you want.

Well, you might be saying, “I need more traffic.” So, that’s Traffic Income Secrets. By the way, Funnel Income Secrets is and Traffic Income Secrets is I’ll show you how to get a flood of qualified leads easily and explode your online sales without spending a fortune on ads. That’s Traffic Income Secrets. I also have a program called the Online Business Virtual Retreat where I teach you how to really become financially free from life-changing debts. Check out the video. It’s actually really cute here with me with the beard talking about the gurus, the elephant in the room is the guru. That’s the elephant in the room if you have watched the video.

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So, do you have any questions about how to plan your day? About how to make money without having to build anything? Let me know if you have any questions. You can type in the chat here and you should have… I’ll just go and type in That is our affiliate area or our ambassadors. For those of you who want to join my Power Habits® Challenge, Power Habits® 21 Day Challenge at

And, that is how you can plan your day without that feeling of overwhelm. Go ahead and give me a thumb/heart, give me a nice happy face if you like these training videos. If you have any other questions or any topics you want me to cover, put those in the comments below because I’d love to hear what is up for you and how can I help you to have more time, more energy, better relationships, and more money using my legendary systems. . I'd love to fulfill my goal of helping you wake up every morning with a purpose and sleep soundly in the evening knowing you're a step closer in achieving your ultimate goal.

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