How To Please Your Husband In Marriage: How A Wife Should Treat Her Husband

Marriage relation is one of the most sacred knot in human relation. It is a rare blend of love, intimacy, care and flesh. This relation is like a crystal pot which is visually very pleasing, but once it is broken, then it will be very difficult to rejoin that. Almost 90% of tiff in marriage life starts from silly problems in the bed. A woman can initiate some steps to make her husband fall flat in the bed. He will be obsessed to you and will be ready to sacrifice anything. Follow the steps given below and feel the magic yourself and secure your marriage...

1) Initiate Sex:

Initiating sex is like a compliment to the male ego. He loves it a lot and will find irresistible if you start the initial foreplay. A single action like this can skyrocket the quality and pleasure of your sexual encounters. Try this and you can find an Adonis disguised in your bed.

2) Gentle touch and strokes:

This single act can create wonders for you. A gentle touch in the penis can make it erect like an iron rod. Your husband will be aroused and pleased if his penis is erected. Head of the penis is most sensitive, so please concentrate on that part and bring out the animal in him. Apart from penis, also try to stroke on his sensitive parts like nipples, ears, inner thighs and testicles. You know the best about him. Stroke him in a way that he is your most precious wealth. There is no doubt that he will take you to a roller coaster ride.

3) Try a different place other than bed:

Men like variety. So why are you confining your sex only in the bedroom? Knock the door and get in to his loo while he is bathing. Take a bath together and have sex in the bath tub with soap foams over your body. Try to have sex in the kitchen with biting a small apple in the beginning. These actions can create wonders for you for sure.

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4) Try to set the mood:

All women thinks that men are sex driving machines. But you are fatally mistaken. A men needs specific mood to arouse his desires. You should aware of bring his mood in to the right track. Few tips could be let him relax by creating a stress free environment at your home. Spice-up your day to day routine. Try to set the right mood for him and make your time memorable.

5) Wear his favorite lingerie:

Men will be tempted more easily than women. He will be pleased physically and visually. The lingerie can enhance your sexual experience and is also useful for maintaining your figure. Another thing you can try is sudden physical change such as a new hair do.

6) Give oral pleasure:

Men loves oral sex than anything. He wants his partner to eat the most of his vital organ. Oral sex is like an art and only few women are mastered in it. If you want to please your husband to the peak, oral sex is the best solution for you. Also you can ask him to try new positions which will trigger the mood of your husband.

7) Compliment him after having sex:

After the sexual encounter, inform your husband about his valour performance in the bed. Also let him know about your pleasure parts so that he will stress there more from next time.

A woman can satisfy her husband by the above mentioned ways. But the key factor of success lies in love, emotion and fidelity.

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Marriage seems to have become an expendable commodity today. There are people here in America who have been married numerous times, and no one thinks anything about it. Divorce has become a way of life, because the mindset is that if a marriage doesn't work out, you can always find someone else and marry again. Although it sounds simple, people who have gone through the trauma of the divorce process one or more times will tell you that there's really nothing simple about it. Divorce is time-consuming, expensive, and painful for everyone involved. As people read about celebrity divorces, they may also be worrying about the state of their own marriages. They want to know what they can do to save their relationship.

Start by paying attention to the warning signs that tell you that you really may have something to worry about. Ignoring the problems isn't going to make them go away, and this neglect on your part could well come back to haunt you later on. Be honest with yourself, and make an effort to identify problems as they crop up. Don't allow yourself to become too uptight, though. You just need to trust your instincts and then take steps to remedy whatever is going on. A mature individual will accept the fact that marriage isn't all bliss. It takes a lot of work to make the relationship strong and lasting, and there will be ups and downs, just like in other facets of life.

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Keep open lines of communication operating between you and your spouse. When you quit talking to each other, there isn't much hope that your marriage will last. You have to know how your partner is feeling, listen to what he or she has to say, and exhibit understanding and support as needed. Don't take this to mean that you need to unload all of your baggage on your spouse on a daily basis in order to communicate. No one is going to put up with a chronic complainer for long, and coping with small issues alone is part of a well-balanced life. You should be able to feel that if you have something major that you need to talk about, your spouse will be willing to listen and offer support and advice. And he or she should feel assured in the same way about you.

The crux of the matter is that you need to always keep your marriage as the top priority in your life. Once you start elevating things like children and career to levels higher than your relationship, it will start to fall apart. A strong, stable marriage at the heart of your life is going to make all the other responsibilities much easier to deal with. Many people don't realize how important it is to keep their marriage first while building individual lives on its foundation, but it definitely is.

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The first stage to achieving a happy marriage is to be conscious of the reasons that may lead to failure in the first place. Lack of or poor communication mixed with the incapability to resolve issues in harmony is noted as the number one reason for marriage failure. If you want a good relationship, you need to know how to communicate to your other half and resolve your issues. Strong marriages usually maintain good communication lines and conflict solving skills with in their relationship, on the other hand weak marriages need help with in these areas.

Regardless of where the marriage presently stands, generally speaking, the twosome should simply be willing to work at it; in doing so, a healthy, happy marriage awaits. For most couples, starting new habits within their relationship has been shown to be incredible for making a marriage like new. You will need to study from the experiences of others to help fix your own problems you marriage has with communication and resolving problems. It is worth it to try to rescue your marriage. You and your mate need to be willing to do everything in order to save your marriage. Separating is not a fun experience, at all. This will not happen overnight but with total commitment you can protect your marriage and find the love again.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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You have been totally and utterly betrayed, your trust in your partner shattered beyond repair, and left in such a depressed state, that you feel as if you will never be better again. If being cheated on has left you in this broken, miserable state, then why on earth would you want to save your marriage after infidelity?

Your spouse was seeing someone else behind your back, and let you believe that your marriage was just as secure and stable as it always was, until he/she decided that you weren't good enough, told you that there was someone else, and walked out on you.

It's no wonder that you are probably walking around in a daze. One minute your life was running smoothly, and the next minute everything you have worked for over the years is gone. The thing is, you are desperate now, you still love your spouse, even though he/she has hurt you to the very core of your being, and you don't know which way to turn.

Well, I can tell you this in all confidence - the fact that you still love your spouse is not enough to save your marriage after infidelity. Even if you could convince your spouse to come back to you, it would be unwillingly, and your life together would be a very rocky one indeed.

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You will ALWAYS have the feeling that you cannot trust your spouse and will also be very suspicious every time your spouse is not with you. Is he/she really where he/she is supposed to be, or with the other person? You will have endless sleepless nights worrying about whether your spouse is still seeing thither person or not.

Your married life will never be the same - the will always be that dark cloud of doubt hanging over your head, and over time, it will make you go almost insane.

So before you harbour any thoughts about saving your marriage after infidelity, think things over very, very carefully - will you be willing to spend your life with someone who has cheated on you once, and could possibly cheat on you once again?

It might be better all round for you to just cut your losses, get out of the marriage completely, and start a new life again.

BUT... I guess it is different for everyone and you may disagree with me. It is absolutely fine. After all, there are many cases when where couples have been able to pick up pieces after cheating and successfully start over again. You have to really decide for yourself!

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