Many people have experienced the horror of house movers and later come to regret their lack of preparation. Revivalists can be of great assistance, but if you don't have a plan worked out in advance things can still come terribly unstuck. There are literally hundreds of stories that can be told and you only have to ask your removals to tell you their story about the worst move they have been involved in and they will be only too pleased to share it with you!

The last thing you want to happen is to arrive at your new home with boxes full of things from every room in the house and having to go through each and every box bit by bit sorting items as you go and putting them where they are meant to be.

You can save an enormous amount of time and trouble with some simple preparation and the following tips should get you started along the path to better organization.

Think carefully about your new house and work out what are the best access points. Let your neighbors at both ends know there will be a large truck parked outside the house for several hours so they can prepare for it.

If you have an attic or loft that you wish some of your goods to be stored in, make sure there are adequate lighting and easy access.

Make sure you pack boxes that are clearly labeled with the rooms they are to be placed in. Do not overfill the boxes and make sure they are able to be lifted by one person.

Always pack books in separate special containers and do not overfill them.

Pack your clothes into specially designed wardrobe boxes provided by your removals. Then label the boxes so they can be taken to their respective rooms in your new house.

Make sure refrigerators are emptied and turned off a day in advance to allow any water to discharge from the fridge.

Have friends or family take care of your children on the day so you don't have to worry about them.

If you are doing the packing yourself, allow yourself at least one week so you can complete your tasks well before the revivalists actually arrive. There is nothing worse than having to pack late into the evening the night before your removal.

Always have plenty of extra boxes and wrapping paper so you can complete your packing without having to rush out for more supplies. This includes packing tape!

Make sure you have notified all your friends and relatives of your new address and contact phone numbers if any.

Cancel any government services, for example, electricity and gas and make sure the bills are paid up to date. Check with each of these services after you have moved to make sure there are no unpaid bills.

Although this checklist is not exhaustive not only will you make it easier for your revivalists but you also remove any added stress on the day of your move.

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