Whether you are wallpapering a small room in your house or planning for a complete makeover throughout the house, it's critically important to prepare both the walls and the room. Wallpaper installation can be a tedious task if you haven't done it before. Moreover, wallpapering requires a steady pace and precise work, so you need to keep all the essential tools and stuffs ready beforehand. Whichever wall you are planning for remodelling, it must be flat, smooth and should be able to hold the wallpaper for a long time.

Apart from these basic tips, there a few essential things you need to consider if you are looking for wallpaper installation in Perth. If the walls in question have wallpapers applied in them, paint or some other designs, those need to be removed very carefully. This content can rightly answers to all your queries regarding wallpaper installation.

Prepare the Room and Gather all the Supplies

To begin with the process, you need to take out all the objects and furniture from the room. To absorb the water that drips down the walls, place towels over the baseboards. Don’t use newspapers to cover any object as the ink can spread on to the surfaces if they get wet. Now when the room is ready, bring in your tools and equipments including ladder, sand block, plastic bags, a bucket, TSP, ammonia or bleach. If the walls are newly constructed, you may also need to apply a primer. If you are hanging non-woven wallpaper, then you need different adhesives for your walls. It will depend upon the paper you have chosen. So ask your wallpaper installer in Perth for the best suggestions.

How to Prepare the Walls: Tips and Tricks

  • For Painted Walls: If your walls were painted a long time back, scrape off the chalky paint coverings until they are smooth. Once you are done, rub the walls using fine sandpaper or using a mixture of ammonia and water and wash the walls. Once the surface becomes dry, apply primer sealer.
  • Remove the existing wallpaper: If you want to give a new look to your walls, remove the existing wallpaper. If you find it difficult to remove the old paper, you can search for wallpaper installation services online to get the job done with ease. However, if the previous wallpaper is single and smooth layered, you can attempt wallpapering on the top of it.
  • For Newly Plastered Walls: If you have got your walls recently plastered, you need to give some time for the plaster to be absorbed before you plan for wallpapering. This can take a few months. What you can do is neutralize the new plaster by washing it with vinegar and then apply double coats of a high-quality primer to speed up the process.
  • For Uneven Surfaces: Any concrete, textured plaster, wooden panelling or uneven surfaces need to be smoothened before applying any wallpaper. For moderate unevenness on a smaller area, you can apply non-sprinkle spackle or any wallboard taping compound. You can use a hanging liner paper if the surface is coarse.

Concluding Words

Hope this content was helpful in proving you with relevant points to keep in mind while preparing for wallpaper installation. For further details regarding the steps of wallpapering, keep an eye on our upcoming posts.

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