Acustraps work by applying acupressure to an acupuncture point on your wrist, which means they are completely natural. They are held in place with velcro so they do not stretch and this also makes them perfect for adults and children alike.

Being completely drug free also makes that device the ideal travel sickness remedy for children and pregnant women, with none of the side effects associated with taking travel sickness tablets, such as drowsiness.

Pack of 2 Acustraps
• Two wristbands per pack.
• Drug free.
• Suitable for both children and adults.
• Ideal for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness.
• Non drowsy.

Ideally wear them from the start of your journey and before you feel sick. Those are sold in packs of 2, so you will have a spare in case you lose one when traveling – as a toddler travel sickness remedy no doubt this spare will come in handy!

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On the other side, people face another big problem and they face at their home. That is the beautiful furniture which should be protected from the damage caused by the ever changing weather.

One day it is sunny, and then it rains... before you know it the papers are talking about snow. Do not break your back taking your Garden Furniture in and out of the garden... protect it properly, and it will be beautiful no matter what the weather has in store!

You will need covers that are Heavy duty and fully waterproof. Those desirable furniture covers must be as fold flat for neat & tidy storage, easy to clean. Ones that are U.V. treated, with heavy duty tear resistant stitching. Do you expect your covers to have an extra long life?

Obviously the answer is yes! Then look no further, because the Deluxe Bosmere Covers are exactly what you need. There is Bosmere BBQ Trolley Cover Available in a variety of options:
• Deluxe Bosemere Patio Heater Cover with Strong Zip
• Features Brass Coated Eyelets
• Heavy Duty Ties & Cords. Fully Zipped on Front Opening
• Deluxe Bosmere PVC Backed Polyester Stacking Chair Cover
• Suitable to cover either 4 High Back or 8 Low Back or a Single Recliner
• Deluxe Bosmere Giant Parasol Zipped Cover
• They have fully zipped on Front Opening. With Drawstring & Cord Locks. Covers also available for smaller parasols
• Deluxe Bosmere 4-6 Seater Circular Patio Set Cover with Unique Centre Water Shedding Pole
• Top Quality Bosmere PVC Backed Polyester with Brass Coated Eyelets & Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks. 188cm dia x 84cm high

Another category is Bosmere Hammock Cover:
• Deluxe Bosmere 3 Seater Hammock Cover
• Waterproof fabric, it features Brass Coated yelets, Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks
• Deluxe Bosmere Wagon BBQ Cover in High Quality PVC Backed Polyester
• Waterproof fabric, it features Brass Coated Eyelets, Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks.

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