Are you overly burdened with the stress of producing 100% plagiarism-free assignments on time? Well, it goes without saying that plagiarism is one critical factor to be kept in mind when it comes to adding absolute flawlessness to academic works. No matter if you are seeking marketing assignment help or statistic assignment help from external sources, if the solution turns out to be a plagiarised work, then it would only ruin your academic reputation in the long run.

Now that you too are stuck with the intricacies of duplicate content in the paper, read through this article and figure out the most effective tips that will allow you to come up with 100% original answers end of the day.

1. Write all assignments from scratch

First things first, you should focus on writing assignments from scratch. Unless you focus on the aspect of initiating the task of assignment writing from scratch, you will not be able to produce 100% flawless and original papers. There’s also no point asking someone, “do my homework for me” if the person commits plagiarism mistakes. Here are a few suggestions that will come into play in this matter.

  • Focus on developing newer slants, even if the topic appears to be repetitive in nature.
  • If you get a narrow assignment topic to write on, look for wider avenues and try to discover unique ideas to be implemented in the paper.
  • 2. Never miss out on acknowledging all external sources used

    This is important. Unless you acknowledge the sources used in your assignment, it would forever be tagged as an act of plagiarism. For example, if you use interview clips as a point of reference, then mention the name of the interviewee and the interviewer, date of the interview and the place where it was organised.
    This will serve the purpose of acknowledging the source, thus, saving you from the clutches of plagiarism effectively.

    3. Check for repetitive words and phrases in the copy

    If you evaluate and figure out any particular word or phrase that has been used for multiple times, change them immediately. Multiple usages of the same old word or phrase in the paper will only lead to duplicity.
    The work will be highlighted as an act of plagiarism, the moment your supervisors would evaluate the task. So, it is always better to come up with synonymous words, different variants of a particular phrase and the likes while preparing the final draft of your academic project.

    4. Make sure the references used are extracted from verified platforms

    If you end up using inaccurate references, then you will always be at the risk of being called for using unoriginal information the assignment. This might result into the negative consequences of your paper getting rejected on grounds of intentional plagiarism.
    Consider extracting well-knit information from sites such as ResearchGate, SemanticScholar and Google Scholar in order to use verified information updated by eminent research scholars across the globe.

    5. Use digitised plagiarism checkers for instant solutions

    In case you find putting forth manual labour in this matter too tedious, choose to download and use digitised plagiarism detectors such as Copyscape, Grammarly, Duplichecker and the likes. This will help you save a lot of time and shall send across instant solutions as well.
    So, if you have a stringent deadline to meet and there’s little time left in hand, then it is always advisable to harness the potential of online applications for faster and accurate response.

    Now that you know about the tricks of the trade, waste no time further and start implementing the strategies for 100% original assignments, drafted absolutely from scratch.

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    Jasmine Joe is a writer for a reputed corporate firm in Australia. She has pursued her degree from Bond University. She holds a great understanding of the latest digital marketing trends. She is also a part of MyAssignmenthelp and provides assistance to students who approach her with the request, “can you do my homework online?”