Are you a software programmer or have you ever programmed any logic during your college days? People do program to solve complex problems. Our mind is also very complex. Just remember how many times, did you get a feeling of a person being bad or good when you met a person for the first time. Or remember that while you were walking on a deserted road, you could understand some one is coming behind you without seeing or hearing anything. How do we come to know all these things?

Some people are good at something and some people are good at others. This is driven by two factors, one is the heredity and second one is the environment. We can’t do much about the heredity. Can we do anything about the environment? The answer is also NO. But as we do have work around for many issues, the same is applicable here. For that, we need to understand the impact of environment on us. For that I will sight one example
This experiment was done by Ivan Pavlov, a famous psychologist. He observed that dogs always salivate before food is given to their mouth. This is called “psychic secretion”. In this experiment, a bell was used to ring just before giving them the food. With a period of time, the dog associated the bell with the food and started salivating when the bell started ringing.
Though the experiment was done on dog, this behavior can be completely attributed to the human beings as well. A well-developed mature man or woman has all the things, what they saw from the time they were able to understand, embedded in their mind. In one of the experimental functions, the toilet door hinge was kept on the other side intentionally and the door knob was taken out. It was observed that most of the adult people pushed it on the hinge side and thought that the door was locked when it didn’t open. While most of the children pushed on the other side while it didn’t open from the hinge side. This shows that adult people are more accustomed to their environment and it is embedded in their mind. Coming back to my original topic, can we change this as per our benefit? The answer is a big YES.
In my other post at, I mentioned about the four different states of mind Beta (conscious), Alpha (Relax), Theta (Sub-conscious) and Delta (Unconscious). Now as we talked about the environmental factor, it comes from our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is like the Master and conscious mind is the Servant. Our sub-conscious mind told us that since the door was not opening, it must be locked. “Don’t try it as it is being used by someone else”. Our conscious mind obeyed it and came back. But in contrast, for children, the subconscious mind had not yet written the concept that the hinge could only be on one side of the door and hence they tried the other side.
Similarly, if the subconscious mind says that you will not be able to do it, you are lost before starting a work. Now the question is, whether we can do anything about this? Can we control our subconscious mind? The answer is again YES. There is immense power of subconscious mind. Unleash the power and you can reign the world. But how do you do this? Subconscious mind is a big store house of all events, conception, image, impression from your very childhood. You need to overwrite the ones, which are detrimental to you. If someone isn’t a good speaker, he must have got this impression from number of interactions with other people. Going forward, if he tells himself every day and night that he has a huge potential for public speaking, the previous impression is bound to be overwritten and he can establish himself as a renowned speaker.
There are techniques to make use of this powerhouse and that information is readily available in the market. But I would like to give a small but immensely potential tip here. Whatever we say or read, we do forget very easily as our subconscious loses it out very fast. But when we write, it does have a lasting impression in our subconscious. So, next time, when you take some commitment e.g. losing weight, write it down again & again and see the effect.

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This article has been authored by Suvendu Manna from Suvendu lives in Calcutta, India. He holds engineering and management degree from premier institution of India. By profession, he is a software engineer and currently work as a program manager. Suvendu can be contacted at