Do you own a Discord server and looking for how to grow your discord community? Or you want to expand your user base; this article contains four tips that will help promote your Discord server.

Setting up a new private discord server is not difficult, it’s one thing to own a discord server, and it’s another to grow the discord community. Finding the right people to join your server can be an uphill task. This article provides you with solutions that can help your server grow.
Create a Unique and Relevant Topic
People can only join a discord server they are interested in, it’s hard to see a gamer join a Discord community meant for cook enthusiasts.

Your discord server may fail to attract members if the community is irrelevant or not attractive enough.
It doesn’t just stop at having a relevant server; it also has to be unique so that you won’t be competing with numerous other servers with the same topic. So try to stand out, create something new and relevant, and you’ll enjoy steady growth.

Create a good first impression
You have only one shot at getting things right, the first thing people see when they browse through a Discord server list, is your logo and your title. You should be more concerned about making a great first impression. Let’s start with your logo:
Make sure it is professional; the logo should carry a message that reflects your discord community. Nobody is attracted to a poorly designed logo; the worst are servers without logos.

Next is your title, only a few and accurate words is enough to convince users to join a discord server.
Make sure the title is short, captivating, and it should reflect the aim of the server.
When people glance through a Discord server list, they are looking for reasons why they should pick a server over the other. Your logo and title description should give them enough reason.

Advertise on a Discord Server List
There are many platforms available where you can list your server. These discord listing platforms helps you promote your server. A good discord server list like discord.slhas thousands of servers to choose from, and more listing daily. If you want to stand out from your competitors, try to be unique.
Discord server list serves as an avenue where people can see different options to choose from, if you have the right features (logo, title) you’ll be able to sell your server to prospective users.

Keep Your Server Active
Getting users to join your discord community is one thing; keeping them is another. The best method of keeping users is to remain active; it’s not uncommon to join a server only to find out that it is not active. Or the few active users have wholly derailed the trend.

If you run a discord server relating to technology, keep users updated on the recent technological trends, ask engaging questions. The will make users feel connected, and conversations can start from there.

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