Did you delete your necessary files accidentally and looking for help to recover your deleted files. Don’t move anywhere. PCASTA is here to help you to get your file back. Some time we need to delete unnecessary files, documents and folders to create space in hard drive. But it becomes a problem when you delete file accidentally that is important for you. You can get your deleted file back easily from the Recycle Bin. But if you delete the file from Recycle Bin permanently and later you find that the file is necessary then it seems to be impossible to get it back. Let’s see what happens when your files are deleted. When you delete the file, computer marks that file as free space in the hard drive which means the file will be there until you do something new with the PC. The first thing you have to do after deleting the file is to shut down the PC. Otherwise the file will be replaced by another file then it will create problem for you to recover the file.

Stay tuned with us and learn more about deleted file recovery as effectively as possible. If you want to recover the file you already deleted then check the following options-

» Check the Recycle Bin
» Any websites you upload the file
» Draft or sent folder of your email.

If you try all the above mentioned ways to recover the deleted file and fail, then you need the help of data recovery. The process of recovering deleted file, folder or document from any folders that is hardly accessible is called data recovery. Data recovery software is the last option of recovering the deleted file. But it is not easy for general computer users. If you are a computer expert or technician then you will be able to do the task easily and if you are not then it is better to look for expert advice and guideline.

PCASTA provides best technical support for recovering deleted file. If you want to get best service for your problems then PCASTA is the best place with certified technicians. The expert team of PCASTA provides 24/7 online support in order to fix your problem. The experts also offer 24 hours phone support and email support for their client. And they try to give first call resolution in 96% cases. If still you cannot cope with the instruction don’t worry, we will give you remote technical support. 24 hours live chat support is also given to make you understand what to do and how to solve your problems. So, what for you are waiting for? Call PCASTA and get the best support and enjoy using PC.

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John Pcasta is a experienced author who working for PCASTA and writing on topics of How to Recover Deleted File and Computer Problems Solutions.