XP Antivirus Pro 2013 is the latest computer virus that belongs to the family of rogue antispyware programs. This virus gets passed on in case one has visited an infected website that may have exploited the weakness of one of the antivirus programs or through an infected email attachment.

Once this XP Antivirus Pro 2013 is installed on your PC, it will start running a hoax security scan that will report that your computer is infected with Trojans, rookits, worms, cookies and several other malware. Also, when you try to remove all the reported infections, it will prompt you to buy the product in order to carry out that operation. One should probably have realized by now that XP Antivirus Pro 2013 is bogus software and it reporting the presence of malicious elements within your computer is only an attempt to make you buy the product. Also, as a defense mechanism, XP Antivirus Pro 2013 immobilizes Windows system utilities like the Task Manager and the Registry Editor so that you are prevented from running the programs that can help in removing it.

XP Antivirus Pro 2013 tailors the files with .exe extensions to display a hoax notification claiming that the file is infected by virus in order to scare you.
Needless to say, XP Antivirus Pro 2013 is a scam and one should not pay any heed to the alerts that this severely infected software pops up. One must not buy this software under any condition as it may lead to identity theft. In case one has already, contact the bank and file a complaint that the software is nothing but a scam.

Steps to remove XP Antivirus Pro 2013

Step 1:

Start your computer after removing all the floppy disk, CD, DVD and USB drives. While your computer is starting up press and hold the F8 key. You have to ensure that the F8 key is pressed before the Windows start up logo appears. When the boot screen appears, use the arrows on the right to select the option ’Safe Mode with Networking‘and press ‘Enter’.

Step 2:

Since XP Antivirus Pro 2013 changes the Windows registry settings every time you try running an executable file, it would launch the virus instead of the required program. Therefore, download the registryfix.reg to fix the malicious registry settings. Double click on the registry.reg file to run it. Click ’Yes’ and when the Registry Editor prompt window appears, click ‘Ok’.

Step 3:

RKill can terminate all the processes associated with XP Antivirus Pro 2013, thus helping you to perform the rest of the functions without ease. Download the latest version of RKill renamed as ‘iExplore’ so that XP Antivirus Pro 2013 does not block it. Double click on the icon that appears on the desktop after downloading it in order to terminate processes that are running as a part of the XP Antivirus Pro 2013. Once that is done RKill will start working in the background and look for malicious programs and try to terminate them. When RKill has accomplished the task it will generate a log.

Step 4:

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware from the internet, and then double click on it to install the program on your computer. Follow the prompts as the installation process starts. Make sure that you do not make any changes to the default settings and when the installation is complete leave the boxes checked for ’Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware‘and ‘Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware’. Then click the ’Finish’ button

Select the ‘Perform quick scan’ option under the Scanner tab and click on the ‘Scan’ button to start the scanning process. When the scanning process is complete, click ‘Show result’ to display all the detected objects. The screen will now display all the infections detected by Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Check the boxes in-front of all the detected threats and then click on the ‘Remove Selected’ button.

Once this step is complete, restart your system in the ‘Normal Mode’ and perform a ‘full computer scan’ in order to ensure that there are no more infections.

Step 5:

In a couple of cases, the malicious software XP Antivirus Pro 2013 may even launch a rootkit on to the computer. HitmanPro is very effective in removing rootkits from the PC. Download HitmanPro from the internet and double click on the icon. In case you face some difficulty starting the HitmanPro, use the Force Breach mode. In order to do that, press and hold down the left side CTRL-key when you start HitmanPro. Once HitmanPro is launched, follow the prompts by clicking on the ‘Next’ button to start a scanning process of the computer with this program.

When scanning is complete, the computer screen will display all the infected files that HitmanPro has detected. Click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed. Click on ‘Activate free License’ for a 30 day trial period of this software and remove all the malware and rootkits from your PC.

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