Vanities come in various shapes and sizes. You must have sound knowledge as to which size and shape will go with your bathroom layout. The layout must be such that is able to accommodate at least two vanities as these come handy in storage of a lot of stuffs. If you are bored of your old vanity then getting it replaced to a more aesthetically pleasing one at the time of remodeling is all that you can do!

Replacing a bathroom vanity cabinet is a fairly easy task. With little guidance and planning you will be able to go through the replacement like a piece of cake. This article presents few tips and steps by which you can replace your bathroom vanity at the time of renovation:

  • You must buy the correct size of the vanity for your bathroom. You will have a hard time in fitting it to the bathroom if the right size is not purchased. The vanity must fit to the tile layout as the old vanity went quite well with the old tile layout! You must measure the space and then buy an appropriate sized vanity. So will get a lot of varieties depending on the measurements you have. Shoehorning the might sized one into a corner is likely to spoil the entire look of your bathroom.
  • Next you must check the level of the vanity that you are planning to install during your bathroom renovations in Wynnum. Say if you are not cutting the tile further so it is important that the vanity should be in level to the ground, if not so then it is likely to look awful. It is easier to double up the shims and do elevation of the lower side than trying to cut the tile and drop the raised side! Opt for the easier approach as it is time saving!
  • A vanity without studs on the underside will do no good to you. You must make sure that the vanity has studs behind it. Even if the vanity has one single stud, then your job is done! If the vanity lacks one then you will have a hard time at the time of plumbing using a nailer board. So if the stud is missing then you will have to cut through the nailer board in order to do the plumbing and his in turn will make the board weak and a lot more unstable!
  • You must not glue the vanity instead install the vanity countertop separately! In order to cut your workload you may turn over the countertop and attach the drain pipes and then attach the supply lines to the faucets.

At the time of bathroom renovations in Carindale you must shop for a vanity keeping in mind that the convenience of use and convenience of installation with the aesthetics must be at a striking balance. You may do the work by yourself but it is advisable to seek expert guidance from the renovators as they have been handling these petty tasks since ages.

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