Electronic devices have certain age and they don’t last forever. Complete failure of device happens infrequently. In circumstances, we find that most parts are working normally but one or two of them give up functioning after every stipulated time period. If you are using iPhone of any model for a time being, you will be well aware that battery breaks/goes to end of life after couple of months.

We do not replace a cell phone when just battery reaches at the end of its useful life. Switching out only dead part is convenient and economic option. If warranty time period of your iPhone is expired, you can purchase a new battery from nearby shop or from authentic Apple store itself. There are plenty of sources available online as well. However, purchasing a second hand battery off the internet is not advisable.

Can I get my battery replaced for free?
Of course, Apple is offering schemes and discounts for changing old battery with new one.
But wait a while, there are certain conditions before Apple can offer any free mobile stuff. Back in the year 2016, users of iPhone 6s had started experiencing abnormal shutdowns, without charging level being zero. Apple had at that time, announced free replacement of batteries for those models.

If you purchased related iPhone model, specially between September-October 2015, check Apple website for entitled benefits you might obtain.

All you need is to enter your device serial number on this page and brand new battery would be provided 100% free provided requirements met.

If you did not know about this update and already paid to bring in a new battery, option for refund is available.

Approximately, how many months does an iPhone battery works smoothly?
Apple recommends to replace your iPhone battery after it completes 500 full charges. Annoying part is that iOS does not show how many charges are completed until date, and we can’t remember that figure in our mind, obviously.

One tweak is available to find out whether iPhone battery needs replacing or not. Go to Settings menu and then read this blog that explains it elaborately.

If you don’t want to read entire blog, simple way to check battery life is to see if it requires frequent charging. Weak battery also results in iPhone shutdown unexpectedly.

These two are normal characteristics true for all rechargeable batteries - used in any cell phone, computer or like device.

How much does iPhone battery replacement cost?
After dissatisfied customers filed lawsuits against Apple, the company has started giving reduced price battery to those who have bought iPhone 6 or any later version.

Discounted price is available even for out-of-warranty period.

It comes only for US$29 - from its regular cost $79.

For UK people, extraordinary cost cut down is offered, it is just £25, instead original £79. Therefore discount given for iPhone 6s or later batteries is £54.

Note: For UK users, Apple charges an additional fee of £7.44 if it involves shipping.

If you are a mobile repairing shop as opposed to individual iphone user, CellPhoneSpares offers iphone battery in wholesale or any other mobile phone battery in wholesale at great discounts which cannot be brought otherwise if you buy a single piece yourself.

Do I need to pay any money during warranty?
If your iphone warranty period is not expired, there are no charges for battery replacement.

What we, users have to care is that The Apple Limited Warranty does not support zero payment advantage for accidental damages or injury to battery on account of unauthorised/3rd party software modifications or due to hardening of the part. It provides replacement cover only against manufacturing defects for one year since its purchase.

As Apple claims, with new battery in place, iOS will return back to its normal performance. It is as good as buying a new iphone just for £30/$30 - with all the graze you've lovingly added over the time. New batteries are featured to conserve power so that you can use iPhone for extended hours before next recharge.

Finally, just remember that you might have to wait for 3 weeks or even more after applying for replacement of free batteries for iPhone 6 or later. Offer is valid until end of 2018.

Should you replace battery for your iPhone or you aren’t done with testing phase to conclude that your battery life has ended? This confusion is very common, don’t worry. Below is a video URL that will help you distinguish if there is really a problem with battery or with other component of iPhone.
Although iPhone batteries are prone to break in undue time period, Apple has managed to stock and supply new batteries at quite economic rate, use that facility, don’t buy at MRP or original price.

I hope this article has been useful to you and not a mere time wastage.

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