While diabetes medications, insulin injections and various other tools and resources which can help control blood sugar levels and are big business and can cost a diabetic at least $10,000.00, there are many natural ways that can be even more effective at managing blood sugar levels in addition to being inexpensive. Do keep in mind that type 1 diabetes is irreversible and is not preventable but making healthy changes can help reduce symptoms and complication. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand can not only be prevented but can also be reversed. Here are 10 tips on how to reverse diabetes naturally.

How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

1. The first step of course is prevention. One important way to reduce your risk of developing diabetes is to keep your weight under control. At least 80 percent of those with type 2 diabetes are obese. Obesity is believed to lead to insulin resistance which increases the chance of developing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

2. Once you have this disease, one very important step on how to reverse diabetes naturally is with your diet. Diet is at the heart of any diabetes treatment plan. The elements of the diet that directly impact your blood sugar levels are carbohydrates and sugar which are turned into glucose (simple sugars) by the body which is then released into the blood.

The hormone insulin is then produced by the beta cells in the pancreas and charged with removing this glucose from the blood and transferring it to the various cells of the body. Glucose is needed by the cells in the body because it provides the fuel or energy necessary for day to day activities. This is why many diabetics suffer from fatigue and weakness. Due to malfunctioning insulin resulting from insulin resistance or the body not producing enough or any insulin, glucose remains in the blood has the effect of starving the cells of the fuel they need.

Since carbohydrates and sugar affect blood sugar levels, you will need to make changes with these. Important changes you will need to make include eliminating refined carbohydrates. These include all the "white" foods made from refined grains such as white rice, white pasta, white bread, etc. These are devoid of nutrients including fiber and raise blood sugar levels the fastest as they travel through the digestive system very fast because they contain nothing for the body to grab hold on to in order to slow the digestion process which leads to blood sugar spikes.

Instead of refined carbs, switch to complex carbs which are digested slower by the body which can help to control blood sugar levels and prevent blood glucose spikes.

Sugar is another factor that you have to consider if you are considering steps on how to reverse diabetes naturally. Since sugar directly affects blood sugar levels you will have to consider reducing the amount of sugar you consume.

You may need to eliminate white sugar and foods that contain high amounts of processed sugar. Keep in mind that you may not need to eliminate sugar entirely but do be aware of how it can affect your blood sugar levels and make adjustments accordingly on how much to eat and when. Instead of eating sweet desserts every day, you may want to have a small piece of dessert once a week or once a month and so forth.

Fruits contain natural sugars (fructose) but since fruits contain many other beneficial vitamins and minerals, they should be okay to include on a diabetic diet which will tend to vary from one diabetic to another.

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3. If your sugar levels are very high, one of the best ways to lower the levels very quickly is with exercise. Exercise is a crucial step as well as diet in order to reverse diabetes naturally. Exercise has many benefits for the general health and well being of the mind, body and spirit. For those with diabetes, exercise has the added benefit of being able to improve the sensitivity of the cells in the body to insulin which helps promote the movement of glucose from the blood to the cells where it is needed.

Before starting any exercise program, do check with your doctor because some exercises may not be suitable for a diabetic especially if you have developed certain diabetes related complications such as foot problems, vision problems, etc.

4. Fiber is an important aspect of how to reverse diabetes naturally as it helps to slow down the digestive process which helps to prevent blood sugar spikes. In addition to the fiber you get from complex carbohydrates discussed above, other excellent sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.

Soluble fiber which is abundant is foods like beans is especially important because it becomes gel like when combined with water which slows down digestion as it travels through the digestive tract while helps to control blood sugar levels.

Fiber is also important for any weight loss program because it will help you feel fuller sooner which will prevent overeating. Since many diabetics are overweight, incorporating more fiber in the diet can not only help control blood sugar levels but can also help with weight loss.

5. Significantly reduce or eliminate foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats. Trans fats (found in margarine for instance) should be eliminated entirely and this goes for everyone and not just diabetics. Saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease in the general population. For people with diabetes who are already at an increased risk of heart disease, saturated fats can make an already bad situation worse.

In addition to increasing the risk of heart disease, saturated fats can lead to insulin resistance which can lead to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Saturated fats are commonly found in red meats, high fat dairy products, etc. Replace saturated fats with healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids) commonly found in olives, olive oil, flaxseed oil, various nuts and seeds, cold water fish, etc. Making small changes gradually can have a huge impact in your fight against diabetes.

6. Consider adding cinnamon as certain compounds found in cinnamon have been shown to be capable of lowering blood sugar levels by helping the cells in the body absorb glucose like insulin and also help the body utilize blood sugar better.

7. Learn to effectively manage the stress in your life. Stress can raise blood sugar levels because it causes the release of stress hormones. Stress can also affect your blood sugar levels indirectly because it can cause overeating, not exercising, etc. A study showed that diabetics who were able to lower their stress levels were able to lower their blood sugar levels so stress management is very important for diabetics.

8. Another of the important tips on how to reverse diabetes naturally is to consider adding nutritional supplements containing vitamins C, D and E and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and calcium. These vitamins and minerals can help reduce the risk of diabetes related complications such as heart disease, eye disease and nerve damage. They can also help cells be more sensitive to insulin and significantly lower blood sugar levels.

9. In order to prevent blood sugar level spikes, you may want to consider eating several small meals a day instead of two or three large meals which can lead to more glucose levels than insulin will be able to handle.

10. Change your mind and you will change your life. Take control of your health. While doctors and many other health practitioners will be a source of helpful tips and resources, you should always be in the driver's seat. You will have to be proactive to discover various alternative therapies and information that will help you overcome diabetes or manage diabetes better. A lot of it will require trial and error. You have to be confident in your ability to find the answers and solutions to help you manage this chronic disease.

Even if you learn how to manage your blood sugar levels, there may be instances when you may experience rapid swings in blood glucose levels due to stress, certain medications, certain foods you eat, etc. Anticipating and accepting these instances will help you move forward quicker by viewing these as a small bump in the road and not a major catastrophe that derails all your efforts to manage your blood sugar levels.

You are more than capable of conquering diabetes. You have to believe that in order to make the necessary changes you need to make and either reverse this condition or comfortably manage diabetes while keeping symptoms and complications to a minimum.

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Herbal medicines using plants and their natural products have been used as natural method to reverse diabetes.

Many diabetics nowadays are interested in looking for herbs for diabetes. Natural methods of treatment are well known as Naturopathy. It is a system of healing in which diseases are cured using natural remedies such as heat, exercise, light, diet, water, air and other physiological measures...

Follow The List Below To Reverse Diabetes Naturally:

It has been observed that the oral diabetes drugs have as well been derived from herbs. The oral diabetic drug Metformin (Glucophage) originated from goat's rue or French lilac are used as herbs for diabetes. The only diabetes drug that has its origin from a botanical source is metformin. More than 400 herbal remedies have been described for managing diabetes.

#One of the best ways to reverse diabetes is by using cinnamon. You can get cinnamon from the bark of a tree of the laurel family. It also eases nausea, relieves stomach gas and treats the loss of appetite. Researchers have revealed that Cinnamon makes fat cells more responsive to insulin. It increases the exchange of glucose to energy by twenty times and blocks the formation of unsafe free radicals. Reduction in the free radical activity helps to delay the progression of diabetic complications.

#You can reverse diabetes without medication using fenugreek: When fenugreek is taken internally, it increases lactation, reduces blood sugar and enhances fast healing of wounds. It is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean area. The plant produces seeds that have long history of use for several remedies, for example treating loss of appetite, inflammation of the skin and digestive problems. Also the seeds contains an active compound known as "trigonelline' which acts as a blood-sugar lowering agent.

#Tenner's cassia is another herbs for diabetes to cure diabetes: Tenner's cassia is helpful in treating diabetes. You can use it as a whole plant, bud or its flower or seeds. The powder of Tenner's cassia may as well be used by mixing it with honey. The use of herbal remedies to treat diabetes is the best nowadays.

#Another way to cure diabetes naturally is by making use of Indian gooseberry: Indian gooseberry is also known as Amla. It is very rich in Vitamin C. Amla seeds or dried Amla are very helpful for controlling diabetes.

#Sweet potato's leaves are of high value in preventing diabetes by lowering blood sugar level. It is a highly nutritious vegetable; it is pinkish in color and it contains starch contents. Preparation of sweet potato leaves are used in the tea of diabetic patients. Near about 60 g of fresh laves or 30 g of dry leaves of sweet potato are mixed with 100 g of fresh skin or 12 g of dry skin of ash gourd. They are then cut into small pieces and boiled in water.

#One more great herbs for diabetes is curry leaves: The curry leaves are helpful for people suffering from diabetes as it contains lots of herbal properties to reverse diabetes naturally. Juice of curry leaves can also be made, which is then incorporated into buttermilk or lassi. Also curry-leaves are of great value in losing weight and as a result, they are of great importance in the treatment of diabetes. It is due to reduction in weight, the diabetic patient stops passage of sugar in urine. It has been known that by eating ten fully grown curry leaves every morning for at least three months will prevent diabetes of heredity related. Although the curry leaves are little bitter but they are very beautiful.

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1. Coconut Oil - this might take you by surprise but this super food can do wonders in reversing your diabetes naturally. And for good reason.

One naturopathic physician noted that "anyone diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes can consume coconut oil without fear and won't gain weight from its fat content despite what most nutritionists would say about it."

Coconut oil not only helps in reversing the effects of diabetes naturally, but it helps regulate your blood sugar as well; thus, lessening the effects of the disease. Studies even reveal a group of people in the South Pacific that consumed large amounts of coconut oil (for generations) without ever encountering diabetes. The moment they substituted other foods though, along with other oils, that was when their health woes started to emerge.

2. Nuts - another food that can help reverse diabetes naturally is this one. Nuts in moderate servings (a medium handful) can go a long way already by providing a powerful punch of protein and healthy fats. Not to mention that fact that they are a perfect "carry-with-you" snack.

I know what you're thinking next. And it's a myth.

If you have been a long time believer that nuts are unhealthy and fatty, you might as well wipe that out from your memory and knowledge database. As long as you keep that serving to the medium handful or one ounce, you'll do well.

3. Vinegar - specifically the white or red-wine type. This is the one with acetic acid as it's primary ingredient. This kind of acid can actually lower your blood sugar. Compare this to most proteins, fats or fibers which are more neutralizing by not elevating your blood sugar levels.

Balsamic or rice vinegars and cider vinegars are touted as less acidic and in the process, are less a candidate for lowering blood glucose levels.

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Diabetes has been identified by certain mainstream medicine as having no straight cure, an argument that has been hotly criticized by certain medical practitioners and strong critics. These are people who have actually managed to cure diabetes, or have helped patients of the disease and witnessed the possibilities that exist for sufferers of this sugar disease.

So, can diabetes be cured? Oftentimes it is said that diabetes type 2 can be cured but the same is hardly said for the type 1 due to the nature of its root causes. This is a contestable fact. There are existing testimonies of people who suffered from diabetes type 1 but from proper therapy, these folks managed to reverse diabetes. The disease is not the only problem you solve when you cure diabetes, there are a host of other breakthroughs related with the treatment of the sugar disease.

Can Diabetes be Cured? What Critics Say

Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews observes that whether or not you will successfully cure diabetes is determined by self-discipline and the society lifestyle. According to him, America is registering the high rate of diabetes as a result of the nation's food culture. Mike describes the US as a Fast Food Nation come Diabetic Nation, with a CDC report projecting that almost a third of the US's adult population are likely to be diabetic by the year 2050.

Mike is an example of persons who have survived this menace. He has also personally interviewed former type 2 diabetics cured in as short a span of time as four days at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center by Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

Cure Diabetes, Free Yourself of Chronic Ailments

With the high blood sugar characteristic of diabetic conditions, your risk of suffering cardiovascular disease is highly increased. A simple scenario: the sugar may form deposits on the walls of blood vessels due to its excessive levels. The deposits will in turn reduce the width of the blood vessels rendering them too narrow for the normal blood flow.

Consequently the blood is forced through narrow vessels with the same pumping force of the heart. This will create an increase in blood pressure likely to cause a cardiac arrest for the patient.

When you reverse diabetes, your risk of this heart disease goes with it. And this for instance is possible through the use of peppers. Scientific evidence indicates that hot peppers have the potential to revive the pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells and help cure diabetes.

Cancer is yet another chronic ailment that is closely related with this disease and whose chances will be greatly reduced at the same time you treat the insulin disease. The secret here however is that no one else but you the patient has to take the initiative to cure, reverse or prevent the disease. The surest way to cure diabetes that an individual can ever have involves changing what is taken in the diet and increasing physical activity.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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Diabetes Type 1 is characterized by inability of the pancreases to produce enough insulin to help control the levels of blood sugar. The pancreas cells known as the beta cells responsible for the production of insulin are destroyed and only less beta cells are left to try to perform the work meant for the entire pancreas. The condition occurs when the immune system of the individual misguidedly attacks and destroys certain beta cells in the pancreas.

The result is an excess level of sugar in the bloodstream. There is no established method to cure diabetes type 1. Patients of this type of diabetes are usually administered with insulin often in the form of injections as a way to reverse diabetes. The condition is not common. Research establishes that this type 1 of the disease accounts for about 5 to 10 percent of the cases of diabetics. The remaining 90 percent is diabetes type 2.

Diabetes type 1 is often related to some problem with genetic make-up of the patient and is most common among infants and people below 30 years of age.

Understanding the Beta Cells

Beta cells normally exist in small clusters along with other cells types in the pancreas referred to as islets. It is the beta cells that normally secrete hormone insulin. Insulin is responsible for conversion of glucose into fats for storage or energy for use in the body. As such these chemical messengers ensure glucose from food sources is moved into the various body cells which use the glucose as fuel to provide life.

When sometimes the body mistakenly destroys these beta cells, no insulin will be produced by the dead beta cells. Glucose will have no mechanism to encourage its conversion into fats of use by other body tissues. The result is the sugar staying in the blood instead.

These high levels of blood sugar cause serious damage to the rest of the body organs as the body cells are starved of their normal energy source. This brings us to the first challenge of living as a type 1 diabetic- you must routinely get a shot insulin as a way to reverse diabetes and help you stay alive.

Diet or Exercise not Good Enough to Cure Diabetes Type 1

For a type 1 diabetic, exercise alone cannot reverse diabetes for you. To cure diabetes type 1, two vital aspects of the disease have to be corrected. The misguided immune system needs to be warded off from attacking the pancreatic cells, and the body's ability to produce its own insulin needs to be restored.

A number of methods could help restore the body's insulin producing cells. The process could involve making them from the remaining healthy cells inside the pancreas, or making them artificially in a laboratory. Alternatively they could be obtained from other animals then put into the body, a process referred to as replacement.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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Medical research on the body's sugar problems has put together a variety of diabetes treatment options available now for combating the body's shortage of insulin as experienced by both the type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

The diabetes treatment will involve oral administration of the necessary insulin or taking it through an injection as prescribed by the doctor. All efforts in diabetes treatment are often keenly directed towards ensuring that the administration of insulin is done in a manner that tends to mimic the natural secretion of the hormone by the pancreas.

Every individual has a very unique lifestyle that is different from other people. The lifestyle pattern of a person determines how their bodies will naturally be adapted to secretion of insulin in line with the needs of the body. During diabetes treatment, a doctor will prescribe the insulin use in keen accordance to the individual person.

Hormone insulin is usually available in a variety of forms which can range from the brief, but powerful form to the long-lasting one. This explains why the doctor can at times recommend a mixture or combination of insulin to be used. A patient for instance may use a dose of insulin that acts intermediately; both in the morning and later in the evening. The patient may however need a type of the hormone that acts immediately and can be absorbed more quickly, prior to a meal.

Irrespective of these forms, there are a few methods commonly used in diabetes treatment that are approved. The following are three of these approved methods.

Use of Insulin Pump

This is one of the methods that have been approved for administering insulin. A device of about the size of a miniature cell phone is used. It is designed to be carried or worn on the outside of the patient's body and has a tube that is inserted directly into the patient's abdomen. This way the pump dispenses the hormone insulin into the diabetic's body following a pre-programmed quantity plan.

Pre-Filled Insulin Pen

Other than the pump, diabetics may also use a pre-filled pen that comes with the insulin hormone already loaded inside it. This is one of the most commonly utilized methods in diabetes treatment. The device is just the size of a pen as its name implies. It holds the insulin cartridge that is pre-filled and that will administer the hormone through injection.

It has a needle that penetrates right beneath the skin surface to release insulin straight into the body of the sufferer.

Inhaled Insulin

The third method for insulin administration is inhaled insulin which comprises the latest form of insulin administration method approved. A type 1 or type 2 diabetic can simply inhale the chemical substance through some special device similar to the inhaler used by asthmatic patients.

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