Accessing your computer network from anywhere in the world may almost sound like some kind of lifestyle scam you might see on an infomercial at 3 am, but it is entirely possible. While being able to access your network and get IT support from a beach in Thailand or a coffee shop in Prague might sound like something out of the Jetsons, this is technology that does exist and can be put to work immediately for your benefit.

The Internet is a far more robust and accessible system today than it has ever been before. While there was a time when the Internet was only accessible in a limited number of places and tied you to a wire, those days are long gone nowadays. As well, technology services that used to only exist if you were in your office environment can now be handled almost as easily as if a technician were right there dealing with your computer directly.

The benefits of being able to get help with nearly any kind of computer issue and use the full power of wireless networking are vast and numerous. While the sexy way to see the entire deal is through the lens of lifestyle design and the chance to literally be working from a relaxing beach, in practice this is not generally so glamorous. For the most part, this is all about making your lifestyle and all its faults work with the work you need to get done.

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Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of allowing both you and your employees to work from nearly anywhere is understanding network security. Simply put, most people have little to no clue how a network actually functions, let alone how much vulnerability a network and its component computers actually have.

When you have your employees scattered all over the world doing their jobs while keeping in touch, managed servers start to make a lot more sense. While a lot of smaller and mid-size companies resist outsourcing because of the instinctive desire to keep everything in house, a lot of times this can actually compromise both security and overall functionality.

*Wireless connections allow access to your network from almost any spot on earth
*When your business's network functions well, communication between your employees and customers is extremely fast and accessible

The functions of a computer network are myriad. On the one hand, you are keeping employee emails able to reach their intended recipients without being vulnerable to prying eyes. On the other hand, you are also maintaining every system necessary to keep your website operational all of the time. Beyond those two more obvious factors, your social media presence is also generally going to be maintained through your network. While you can manage your servers using your own IT team, there are several advantages to using an outside company to handle this for you.

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For one, you can decentralize a non-core part of your business. For businesses that are not run specifically to function in the online space, server functionality is secondary. Because of this secondary focus, your server's maintenance and management may actually be distracting your most key employees from growing your business to the full extent of their abilities.

Another aspect of the decentralization of your servers mentioned above is that you can minimize your physical office space. If less than half of your employees regularly work in your main office, your need to keep everything there is dramatically lessened versus if everyone worked inside. If many of your employees do work all around the world, having your servers away from your main office can actually save you a great deal of capital on the maintenance of those servers.

Another vital issue you might want to consider is server security.

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