How To Save A Marriage In Trouble: Stop A Divorce Single-Handedly

You can stop a divorce on your own. If your marriage is in trouble, you need to learn how to save your marriage alone. It might seem too good to be true, but it can happen. In fact it happens all the time. Let's talk about why it works and how you can get started.

For a long time, the conventional wisdom argued that the only way to stop a divorce was to get both parties in the marriage working together. The "it takes two to tango" theory makes sense, at face value, but when you look a little closer, you'll find that it isn't really a winner when it comes to saving marriages. Here's just one example: According to one noted relationship expert, couple's therapy only works about 20% of the time. That's right, 20%. That's among couples using the most common traditional strategy for preventing a divorce, working together. Those are horrible odds.

On the other hand, there are methods designed for one spouse to use to save a marriage that boast success rates in excess of 80%. That's four times as effective as couple's therapy.

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Learning how to save a marriage alone works because that mindset recognizes that a change in one part of a marriage naturally causes changes in other aspects to occur. It's sort of like a ripple effect. Another good analogy is an algebra problem. If you alter the value on one side of the equation, it automatically changes the value on the other side. You don't need "two to tango". You need one person who wants to shift the nature of a marriage to stop a divorce.

So, how can you get started? Where do you start if you want to save a marriage alone? Well, don't rely on hunches or guesswork. Go out there and get your hands on some expert guidance by an experienced professional who has made studying marriages and divorce their career. You can save a marriage if you go about it the right way.

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You don't want to see your special relationship implode. You don't want to watch your dreams, hopes, and commitment wither up and die in a divorce court. You don't want the trauma. You don't want the disappointment and sorrow. You want to prevent a divorce and the good news is that you can find out how to save your marriage alone.

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Are you having problems reading your husband? Do you think he has changed? Are you scared about the future of your marriage? So you married your sweetheart, and now, you feel as if you do not know the person at all. Do not worry. It is normal for men to be a bit strange, especially after marriage. In order for any marriage to be happy, both the parties need to understand each other. Thus, you should try to understand the mind of the married man.

Men are quite simple and it is not very difficult to understand them once you have caught on to their stream of thinking. No matter how much a guy loves you, marriage is bound to freak him out a bit. It is a big responsibility and his life is changing forever. Do you feel that your husband has changed since you got married? Do not panic.

You can get a clear idea about the mind of the married man by understanding a few things. Some important aspects of the mind of the married man are given as follows:

• Men will be men: Every man, no matter how old he is, wants to stay in touch with his younger self. So, don't freak out if your middle aged husband starts behaving immaturely. Nobody wants to get world. Even for a newly married young man, getting married is the first step to aging. Thus, men tend to do crazy stuff that is fit for teenagers.

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• Fatal attraction: Your husband might get attracted to other, younger women. This is quite natural. The thought that he has to spend his entire life with a single person, can make a man feel suffocated. He might feel that his life is ruined. Thus, he might flirt around a bit just to remind himself that he has still got it. This should not be a problem as long as no misunderstandings pop up. But, if your husband fails to notice where to draw the line, you should be strict with him. At times, the mind of the married man forgets boundaries.

• Need for authority: Men need to feel powerful, especially at their home. Thus, no matter how big a career woman you are, let your man feel that he is really important, and, rules your home. Do not insult him. Rather praise him for the little things he does to help you manage household stuff. Men need a little bit of ego massaging from time to time.

• Boys night out: Men need to constantly remind themselves that marriage does not end their happening lives. Thus, they are sure to go out with their buddies. You can't expect your husband to take you everywhere he goes. You should not try to restrict him in these matters. Your husband will surely want some personal space and want to spend some time with his friends without you tagging along. You should think like men if you want to understand the mind of the married man.

• Insecurity: You should never play mind games with your husband. Factors like jealousy, etc. can be detrimental for a marriage. Your husband should be able to trust you completely. You should make him feel completely secure.

By considering the above mentioned factors, you can get a clear picture of the mind of the married man.

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Are you facing any problem in your married life? Do you have any fear of getting divorced or anything like that? Are you spending many sleepless nights thinking of these things? Are you not getting any solution? If the answers of the questions are yes then it is a quite serious matter. Well, when there is a problem, there is a solution for that.

Marriage is not like any game. It is a long term commitment between two hearts. It should not be broken into parts in any way. You have to save marriage at any cost if there is any chance of getting broken. Sometimes, you might have a rough time and have to face problems. But, you have to overcome all the difficulties. If you want to survive, then there are some tips to save marriage for you. You have to accept the reality, it is true but, there are some cases when you can make your life as you want. You have to be strong enough to fight against these issues. These tips to save marriage can help you to reintroduce the happiness between you and your husband.

• Communication lines: First of all you have to open up your communication lines. Communication breakdown is one of the major reasons for divorce. If you and your partner talk to each other hardly in the entire day or at the end of the day then the chance of marriage collapse is huge and it can come to an end gradually. Communication plays an important role to save marriage. You can bring a topic up and talk to each other about that. You have to discuss about the personal matters with each other to build a strong marital relationship between you and your husband.

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• If you think that your spouse has an extra marital affair then you should not show disloyalty at once. You and your spouse, both have to be highly committed to bring back the relationship. You have to know how to control your emotions and avoid stimulating statements to your husband. If you have clear idea about how your husband is cheating on you then also you should not make any confrontational statement to him. It will make the relationship worse than previous stage.

• Financial disagreement: If you are having problem related to financial disagreement with your husband then you have to talk with your husband in a friendly manner and you have to find a middle ground agreement between you and your husband. You have to try avoiding the issues related to money. Not only money, you have to avoid everything that can ruin marriage. The best tips to save marriage are making sure that you have settled all the financial agreement you and your husband is having. Money might be a crucial thing for sufficing your needs but, it should not be a source of conflict between you and your husband.

So, if you want to save marriage you have to follow all the tips to save marriage to avoid the troubles and re-establish the lost relationship.

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Do you feel as if finances in marriage are causing problems between you and your spouse? Do you often wonder whether financial woes have caused romance to exit, stage left? Is there a way to fix the problems disagreements about money causes? The hard fact is this: arguments about money can kill a marriage. Finding a way to come to an agreement about money can help restore harmony. Here are some simple strategies for improving your relationship with money, and with each other.

Your Views About Money

Do you view money as a tool? Or do you use it as a weapon? Many people feel strong emotions when it comes to money - which is why so many people get into arguments about how it should be used. It can be tricky to handle finances in marriage, in part because of that emotional attachment we tend to have to the green stuff. Changing your approach can be helpful.

• Be Strategic - When it comes to money issues, think of your marriage as a business. Every successful business has a budget, and each partner in the business is responsible for maintaining his or her budget properly. If you're in a budgetary planning session at work, you don't yell and scream at each other, do you? Viewing finances in marriage in a professional way can help you reach an agreement, and it can help you make the most of your money.

• Share - When you tied the knot, you probably didn't say "what's mine is mine, and what's yours is yours" - but in many marriages, the partner who makes more money often feels resentful of the spouse who makes less. You're in it together. Unless you married for money, you need to share your resources. The odds are good that the partner who makes less of an actual financial contribution contributes in other valuable ways.

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• Debt Without Shame - Attempting to shame your partner is one of the worst mistakes you can make with finances in marriage. Instead of complaining about debt, find a way to resolve the issue. Do you think your partner has a problem? Instead of fighting, talk to a financial counselor or get help from an online marriage counselor. Often, it takes the intervention of a third, unbiased, party to shine a light on the big picture.

Balancing Finances in Marriage

Different people have different spending styles. Some like to spend, some like to save. Some are thrifty, and others like to have the newest and best of everything. If you're not married yet, take time to talk money with your future spouse. If you've been married for a while and finances in marriage are causing problems, finding a way to balance your habits is a must.

• Work as a Team - Working together to save money can work miracles. Decide on a common goal, and make a strategy to reach the goal. Whether you want to save for a vacation, buy a new home, or simply see a certain number on your bank statement, having a goal makes teamwork easier and more fun.

• Make a List - Make a list of things each person would like to spend money on. Remember - each of you is an individual, and as individuals, you have your own wants, hopes and dreams.

• Get Kids Involved - Often, people with poor spending habits never learned to manage money as children. If you have kids, working together with your partner to teach good money habits can help you overcome your own less than perfect habits.

Overcoming the challenges finances in marriage cause can be tricky. Merging your goals and addressing the needs of each partner can help restore harmony and balance to your life as a couple.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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