How To Save A Marriage When She Wants Out: Wife Says She's Not In Love With Me Anymore

You've tried everything. Begging, pleading, even some (not so adult) tantrum throwing. And your spouse is still ready to walk out the door. You may feel like you are waiting for the last nail in the coffin, the divorce subpoena. You are starting to feel more desperate, as your situation grows ever dire.

All is not lost. There is time to salvage even the seemingly worst relationship fracture. You may feel the need to act immediately and rashly. This is not the time for action without thought. You must find a way to gain control of your emotions and begin to think rationally about your situation. You and your spouse are in need of a stabilizing factor in your relationship and right now with time and patience,that can be you!

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You must immediately stop what you are doing. Now of all times, it is imperative that you keep your silence and listen to what your spouse is telling you. Accusations have flown both ways. And you may feel the need to defend yourself against the hurt and the pain your spouse has afflicted. Now, is the time to remember, that you are about to lose something that you feel is vital, essential to your life, your spouse. There is no doubt that you and your spouse are in emotional turmoil. It is time to take some drastic, unexpected measures to save your marriage.

Drastic measures are necessary at this point. Instead of responding to his or her anger, keep your silence. Learn to listen between the lines what is your spouse really trying to tell you? Have you been ignoring him or her? Take this time to listen to your spouse's grievances. Think about what your spouse is telling you. And then, find the appropriate way to respond. Do you need to apologize? Have you been harboring some resentment that may be better aired to a friend rather than your spouse?

Now, is the time to counter your spouse's anger and frustration with silence. Listen, really listen to what your spouse is telling you. You may be surprised at what you learn. You may find that your spouse is desperately seeking your attention. By your taking the time to listen you are helping to restore your relationship. Your spouse may begin to respond in kind and begin to listen to you. This is how you will know you both are on the road to healing and moving toward a positive change in your relationship!

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While it's extremely important to learn the steps needed to save your marriage, it's equally important to learn the things that can ruin it. There are many things that you can do during this time that can make your marriage problems worse. Learning to avoid these things can make a huge difference in whether or not you're able to save your marriage. Especially given the fact that the things we do to ruin our chances to save our marriage come naturally, and you're probably doing some of them now.

First of all, don't panic if you feel like you're doing or have done any of the following. Instead, recognize what you may be doing and put a stop to it.

For most of us, when first struck with the news of our spouses decision to end the marriage, it can inflict an emotional pain like no other experience in the world. And, why wouldn't it. You're on the verge of potentially losing the most cherished relationship in your life. It's like a part of you is leaving. Part of you that makes you whole. So, it's quite normal for you to be upset, a bit confused and possibly somewhat angry. In fact, it's about this time that your survival instincts kick into high gear. You now feel like you must do anything and everything to prevent this from happening, whatever it takes. But, here is where the problems start.

At this point, your mind tries to rationalize what is going on. You begin to examine yourself. What happened? Where did it go wrong? What have I done so bad that my spouse has decided that ending the marriage is the best way forward? Soon after, you begin to weigh what your spouse has done. How could he/she do this to me, after all I've done? How is it so easy for them to say or think this way? Your thoughts begin to wonder and you become consumed with what it is they're doing or what it is that has them wanting to end the marriage.

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Here is where the damage starts to occur and can really add up. You begin to act out of desperation. Which is perfectly natural. Some of this includes crying and or begging your spouse to stay in the marriage. Begging and pleading with them to stay. Promising to change anything and everything that they consider bad in the marriage. You might even be borderline harassing them at work and while their out about the marriage and or calling their friends and family to talk to your spouse. Another common mistake, is threatening to harm yourself, their belongings or using the children against them. Sometimes, even threatening to reveal family secrets or other sensitive matters between the both of you.

At the same time, you may even begin to lose sight of what is going on around you. Slipping into a mild depression. Not caring about yourself. Your eating and sleeping becomes irregular or not at all. Letting the house work go and neglecting other important matters in your life like your children and work. Just all around becoming a negative and bitter person. Beating yourself up inside and blaming yourself for everything.

There are a whole list of things that will negatively impact your efforts to save your marriage and the above is just a small portion. It's important to recognize them early on so that you can pull yourself out of them or prevent yourself from doing them. The reason they cause so much damage to our marriage is that none of this behavior will get you any closer to saving your marriage. But rather they will speed up the time in which the marriage will end.

Stop blaming yourself and beating yourself up inside. You're in the midst of a very time sensitive matter. Pick yourself up right now and decide today that you're no longer going to give in to this type of behavior. You're going to be strong and positive no matter how the situation looks. Know that if you continue to act this way it will only speed up a potential divorce. Instead, do what is necessary to save your marriage by avoiding mistakes that will make it worse and working a plan designed to save your marriage with clear laid out steps to do so.

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"My wife wants to separate and I want to save our marriage." When a man says that he's obviously feeling very disconnected in every way possible from his wife. She sees the end of the marriage on the horizon and he can't bring himself to look in that direction. If your wife has told you that she feels that a trial separation is in order and you don't, your natural instinct is going to be to do whatever you can to stop it from happening. You really need to take a step back and survey the entire situation before you do something rash and make a mistake you`ll soon come to regret.

With the announcement that your wife wants to separate should come understanding. Something isn't working within the relationship for her. If you try and fight her on the idea of a separation, you are essentially negating her feelings and opinion. Right now she's probably feeling very emotional overwrought. If you come at her full force begging her to stay with you, she may feel so weak and ungrounded that she'll simply agree to it. When that happens the couple continues to live in conflict, and the only difference now is the wife resents her husband for not recognizing or respecting her needs.

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Reconsider what you're feeling if she's expressed her need for some time apart. You have to view a separation as a tool towards a better understanding and appreciation of each other. Often, when a married couple decides to take the serious step to live apart, they quickly discover that they belong together. All your wife may need is a bit of time to herself to clearly think about what you mean to her and how crucial it is to her to save the marriage.

By listening to your wife's needs and then accepting them, you're showing her that you are putting her before yourself. She needs to feel that at the moment. That one act can be the catalyst for change within the relationship.

Express to her your genuine reservations about a separation. Quickly follow that up with acknowledgment that you're ready to give her what she needs. Ensure she knows how much you love her and that you're willing to take the necessary steps to save the marriage and show her that you two do belong together.

By being on her side and giving her what she needs in an emotional sense, you'll be healing the conflict that is present in your relationship. Naturally, it will be heart wrenching when she does make the move to separate, but with the right attitude and insight, you can use it as a means to a happily ever after for your marriage.

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"How do I get my wife back after separation?"...does the question sound similar? It is a despairing truth that many men are searching for an answer to this question. But, to tell you the truth this conundrum has no easy solution. But still there is hope for you as there are certain techniques which have shown good results in such situations.

After separating from your wife, things can quickly move towards a divorce, so you need to something and do it quickly. Irrespective of the exact cause of your marriage falling apart, you need to get your head down and start doing damage control. Stop getting bamboozled by your question, "How do I get my wife back after separation?" and find out three highly effective techniques which have the answers for you:

Give Space - Time Can Mend Bridges In-between!

After separation most men add fuel to fire by pushing their wives too hard, hence they end up doing irreparable damage to their marriage. Allowing some space to your wife will calm down her emotions and she will reflect on what wrong with the marriage. You can be rest assured your wife will recall all the sweet days that passed between the two of you, and who knows, she might start missing your company! This is perfect for you to get your wife back after separation.

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You cannot expect to get your wife back after separation unless you have found out the real cause of all the bitterness. It is logical, that you can't rectify a mistake unless you realize what the mistake was exactly!

If your fact-finding efforts point towards you, then you need to overcome those weaknesses in yourself, or you can forget to get your wife back after separation!

Speak Your Heart Out To Her!

After spending enough time alone finding the cause of your breakup with your wife, now, you are in a better position to communicate with her. Whether you call her or arrange for a physical meeting, make sure that you have control over your emotions. Stay calm and slowly speak out about the mistakes you made in the past. Avoid making any excuses or throwing blame over her, as this will be counterproductive.

Once you get her talking with you, tell her what she means to you, and that you are willing to stretch yourself to all degrees to get her back. After hearing your true thoughts some ice will break and your wife will realize that you still care for her. Now your relationship is all set to resume and you have found out the answer to your enigmatic question "How do I get my wife back after separation?"

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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