I Need Attention From My Wife: Tired Of Begging For Attention From Wife - My Wife Doesn't Pay Attention To Me

Have You and Your Partner Grown Distant?

As the years go by, you may feel like your spouse or partner no longer feels that you are attractive or significant. In fact, you may feel like just about everything and everybody else is far more appealing than you are in your spouse's or partner's world. These other things can include work, hobbies, friends, and coworkers, to name a few. If you are feeling a lack of connection with your spouse or partner, there are things you can do to catch their attention and make yourself more available.

What Can I Do?

Be Present - Be present in your relationship, always. Maybe the two of you fell in love and everything felt perfect, leading you to believe that you would remain together forever in perfect harmony. Keep in mind, not everybody experiences an instant connection, and not everybody is lucky to maintain an intense closeness as time passes. It takes effort and focus to stay connected.

Make Eye Contact - You've probably heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is imperative to make and maintain eye contact with your partner. When you look into your spouse's eyes from across a room, you're actually being intimate. Eye contact is an important part of socializing and is an integral part in creating any intimate relationship. Not only does eye contact show you are interested and attentive to the conversation; it also shows trust and understanding, as well as openness and emotional connection.

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Be Physical - Touching the one you love not only feels good; it also increases the "love hormone" called oxytocin. This hormone is important to any romantic relationship and is the reaction to being touched, not only by having sex, but by holding hands, hugging, or touching feet. Be flirtatious and touch their arm or knee when having a conversation.

Be Interested - Pay attention to your spouse by listening to what is being said and by noticing body language. In order to do this, 100 percent, you have to tune everything else out, and listen to what your spouse is saying. Commit to listen actively when your spouse is talking. When you spouse speaks, make eye contact and be silent while taking in everything that is being said. When you do speak, be sure to be supportive and courteous, which will show you are understanding the dialog, as well as interested in the topic of conversation.

Be Emotionally Present - Share the intimate details of what is going on in your daily life. Tell them why you were excited or let down by that situation at work or with a friend; let them in on the little details of your day. This will help build a more intimate connection. Being emotionally present proves to your spouse or partner that they are valued, appreciated, and special. Many times, these feelings will be returned to you. Being vulnerable goes along with trusting that your spouse or partner actually accepts the real you.

Love Unconditionally - Always accept your spouse or partner for who they are, as they are. Never try to change something about them; even something as minor as the way they wear their hair or the fact that they always wear t-shirts when you'd rather they dressed up a bit more. Being able to accept the small things is a good indicator that you will be able to accept the larger things such as learning about your partner's dreams, goals, and feelings without being judgmental or dismissive.

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Laugh, A Lot - Laugh together; have a great time together. Reminisce about funny moments in your life; watch TV shows or movies that crack you up. Laughter is contagious. When you hear somebody laughing, it is natural for you to want to laugh as well. People who laugh a lot have less stress in their lives.

Schedule Together Time - Schedule time together each and every day, for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This can be before dinner, over coffee after dinner, first thing in the morning, or in the evening, just before bed. Focus on each other without interruption. Also, schedule time away together, without the kids. Have a date night at least once per month, and a date weekend (overnight) at least twice per year.

If you have made an effort to be more available to your spouse or partner and things are still not improving, you will need to have a heart-to-heart talk. However, it is important you know what you want before you start ranting and raving about issues in your marriage or relationship. It's important that you know the difference between your wants and your needs.

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There's nothing worse than having to say my wife wont' sleep with me when you're in a marriage.

This happens with tons of marriages and it's really disheartening.

It actually happened to me, and it took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on...since I thought I was doing everything right. Boy was I wrong!

The Reason You're Having to Say My Wife Won't Sleep With Me...

I had problems with my marriage for a long time. I fixed the majority of the problems, where we were actually getting along a lot better.

But I felt like there was something missing. My wife was starting to get distant again, after all of the trouble that I had gone to for fixing the marriage. We weren't at each other's throats again. We weren't doing much fighting. But things were starting to go stale again, and I could sense that my wife wasn't into... well... into ME!

It was a very hurtful feeling, and I wanted to really get to the bottom of things.

The Missing Part That Was Causing My to Not Want to Sleep With Me As Much

I felt like I was doing things right. I was being the best husband I could be. I had worked hard to fix the marriage. I was doing all the things that made my marriage better still, but there was still a missing element somewhere and I couldn't find it.

Having to sit and be concerned because my wife won't sleep with me, and my wife is getting distant wasn't something I was in the mood for dealing with. I was getting frustrated, and frankly I was getting a little bit ticked off.

Well after diving deep (very FEW people really have the answers) I figured out what was going on.

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My wife wasn't attracted to me anymore. She had been doing her wifely duties, and doing what she felt she should to keep the marriage strong, based on what we had learned as we fixed our marriage the first time.

But, she wasn't IN to me. And thinking back, she was never really IN to me like I would have preferred her to be except for the first year or so when we first met. She was just doing it because it was right, but she wasn't going to bed with me because she couldn't help herself, and just wanted to jump my bones. I wanted that, and was on a mission to figure out what it was that I was doing wrong.

What I Found Out About Why My Wife Won't Sleep With Me...

It turns out that I was pretty much doing a ton of stuff in my marriage that was making me unattractive in my wife's eyes. It's actually way confusing, but the things that I was doing like bending over backwards for her, jumping when she called, and basically doing whatever was asked of me like I thought and was taught that a husband should do was actually making me much LESS attractive in my wife's eyes.

In fact, I was losing my manhood in a sense. I was losing that feeling that she subconsciously wanted me to have, which was to be the King of our Castle. I was giving her the reigns.

Now some of this I believe actually helped to save my marriage from the mess it had once been in, but now it wasn't serving me anymore.

As soon as I started to be the MAN of the house again, as soon as I started being the dominant figure in the house, it was almost like my wife couldn't help herself. She was being attracted to me besides herself. Now I was able to save my marriage again, only this time on my terms, and she's actually been tons more happy than ever before.

I no longer have to complain that my wife won't sleep with me.

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Right at this moment, several people are asking this question: "How to get my wife to love me again?" If you are one of them, here is some help for you.

As you are only well aware, this is a difficult question that generally defies a simple answer. Several avenues need to be explored before coming up with an answer to this difficult question. The most important parameter to consider is your specific situation and circumstances. Does it mean that every one will need a different answer? The frank answer is: yes. But there are some basic strategies that any man can apply towards gaining his wife's love back.

Figure out why your wife has stopped loving you: You may think that you know the answer already but think again. The answer may not be as simple as you think. Your wife may not even be telling the truth when she says she doesn't love you anymore. I am not saying she could be lying. She may not know her own mind! So, you need to be clear about two things. Does your wife really not love you? And if she doesn't, what is the reason? This should be something you have done or you have failed to do.

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Now that you are ready to come to terms with the facts, let me cite a few most common reasons that might be the reason for your losing your wife's love:

1) You might have had an affair and she might have found it out. Your immediate tendency will be to say 'no' to this suggestion. But be honest to yourself. If a wrong has been committed, it can be corrected by making amends for it or at least by regretting it, not by denying it. Remember that you are doing introspection and you are not making a confession to anyone, at this stage!

2) Your wife found someone new whom she feels is better than you: You may be tempted to deny this also. Truth is often bitter to swallow but truth cannot be wished away by denying it.

There could be several others but I am stopping with the two most difficult to deal with. You will be able to identify other reasons.

Now that you have identified the reasons, you need to work on the problem. Many marriages fail because the real problems are not understood, much less discussed. The best way to resolve the problem is to talk it out. Communication is the one factor that can make the marriage work. Without the right communication, you cannot resolve any kind of conflict.

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A husband does not submit to his wife in the same implication that we know what the word means. Instead the husband is commanded, "to love" his wife. If a husband does not love his wife in the proper ways, according to God's principles, then the wife will be reluctant to submit her will to her husband. This sets off much resentment, anger, and confusion for couples in marriage.

A husband loves his wife, he does not submit to her as being under her headship. That is not how God created the sexes. The hierarchy works like this: A husband submits to Christ's protection and instruction for him because Christ is the head over the man, hence the man is now able to love his wife properly. In marriage the wife submits to her husband's protection and loving guidance for her because her husband is the head over her, hence the marriage is complete and whole in Christ, not of the world.

A wife should never demean, boss or belittle her husband because this can harm his manhood in the long run and I believe is part of the reason for so much sexual promiscuity from husbands. Where is the respect? Did you know that God commands a wife to respect her husband and he commands that a husband love his wife? So what do you think is going to happen if the wife constantly disrespects her husbands manhood through her dominate and bossy behavior? Ephesians 5:25 and Ephesians 5:33

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God gave us the principles we need to have wonderful, fulfilled marriages! Now all we have to do is put the principles to work in our lives! Ironically, all relationships need to have submission in place because submission is all about respect. You don't have to love your employer to respect him or her. You don't even have to agree with them to submit to their authority, but you do it anyway, or else you would get fired or demoted for insubordination. It is odd how we can submit our will to our employers whom we don't love, but disrespect the man we are married to, whom we say we do love? How much sense does that make?

In any relationship where the levels of authority are not heeded that relationship becomes a dictatorship by either end and that is not the way God intended for His people to live. We are to serve others in Christ, not see what we can get from others. Where there is conflict it is because of the headship and submission being confused. (Philippians 2:4) In fact in a marriage where there is a lot of head butting it is because one or both are not submitting to their God-given role and position.

Mutual submission means peace and harmony among God's people. But a husband submits by loving his wife, while the wife submits by submitting to her husbands love for her. All relationships need to have submission present such as a child to a parent and parent to child friend-to-friend, coworkers to employers and employers to their employees. This is how healthy relationships have peace and harmony and honor God in their marriage and relationships.

All healthy marriages are where the husband is the head of the wife and she is his helpmeet, anything else is a marriage based upon worldly views, ideas, values and morals.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy without blemish. (Ephesians 5:25-27)

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husband, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Savior of the body. (Ephesians 5:22-23)

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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